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verizon internet security suite

verizon internet security suite

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Can someone tell me why Verizon insists on charging you for virus protection?  I am a relatively new customer, coming from comcast.  Only switched because we wanted direct tv to get the nfl ticket crap and wanted to keep all on one bill like it was with comcast so we switched over to verizon.  As I recall comcast GAVE us MCAFEE for FREE as long as we were comcast customers!!!!!!  I am ready to at least switch back to comcast for internet and phone!  My Mcafee's subscription just went up and I cannot renew anymore for free cuz no longer comcast customer, so I go to verizon webpage thinking they must offer something too, and I get this stupid verizon internet security suite which will jack up my bill another 5--10 bucs a month??? NOT GONNA HAPPEN.... my total 3 in 1 bill already over 200 bucs, almost 240 already...


SINCE THIS IS THE "SUGGESTIONS" FORUM.... MAY I SUGGEST THAT VERIZON GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND OFFER THE SAME??  just a suggestion, probably won't happen, but thats fine I can just switch back to comcast again, it was faster anyway.


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HI Steelgal.


I do Understand that security suite should be for free however Verizon Interent security Suite[VISS]is charged $4.99/month.



  • Verizon Firewall: Makes it tough for hackers to access your personal information
  • Verizon Anti-Virus: Helps shield your computer from viruses, worms, and Trojans
  • Verizon Anti-Spyware: Acts as a preventative step against the installation of hidden programs on your system
  • Verizon Parental Control: Allows you to have a say in what kind of content your kids see on the Internet
  • Verizon Pop-Up Blocker: Cuts down on the intrusion of irritating online ads
  • Verizon Privacy Manager: Gives you control over how much information web sites record about your browsing habits
  • Verizon Fraud Protection: Helps protect you from online fraud by alerting you when you attempt to access a potentially fraudulent website
  • Verizon PC Tune-Up: Improves and maintains your computer’s performance by providing easy to use disk defragmenter and cleanup tools
  • Updates itself after every 3 hours.without clicking any button.


Want to purcahse:-http://surround.verizon.net/Shop/Utilities/InternetSecuritySuite.aspx






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If you would like that protection @ no cost to you. You will need to choose a portal partner to take advantage of the free Virus protection software. Yahoo portal is Norton and MSN and AOL are both Mcafee.


Both of those softwares are really good however I did choose VISS as it updates its virus base every 2-4 hours compared to once a day for Norton and Mcafee.


To answer your question Verizon does offer FREE Virus protection through its partnership with Yahoo, MSN, and AOL.

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