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A little help with the Xbox 360 and Westell Router

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A little help with the Xbox 360 and Westell Router

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First off, I'm not a computer tech,  or have special education with computers. I recently joined Verizon, got a 1MB DSL plan, with the Westell wireless router. I play on Xbox Live quite alot, but when I switched to Verizon, I could not join any matches on Modern Warfare 2, it would take about 15 mins to find a match if at all. So I looked through the forums here, with not much luck, I tried everything I could find, went to, because thats what everyone seems to recommend. I did all the steps they recommend about forwarding the ports, blah blah blah, it didn't work. I tries to enable the Universal Plug and Play, that didn't work.


Finally, I figured it out! You have to do all these things. Give the Xbox a static IP, Enable the Plug and Play (UPnP) , and do a minor port forward.


First-  Turn on your router, (PC, or Laptop), and Xbox.


Log into you router, goto "My Network" and determine which connection is the xbox. (Mine was easy, my xbox was wired, and my Laptop was wireless). Rename your xbox to connection to Xbox, only because its easier later.


Now, goto "Firewall Settings" (Your going to get a warning), click yes- Click Static Nat on the left side. Then click the drop down next to the Static Nat Device and choose  Xbox and then click "enable". The screen will flicker  and will come back up with a line that says "Enabled for 192.168.x.x" What ever the ip address it gave you. Write it down, because you'll need it for your Xbox.


Now on your Xbox, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings

O 2. Select Network Settings, and then select Configure Network. 3. On the Basic Settings tab, select IP Settings. 4. Select Manual. 5. Select IP Address.  

Enter the Static Nat IP address and then select Done


Leave all the other settings on Automatic... 


Now, Time to Enable the UPnP


Back to your router,

 Advanced screen, click Universal Plug and Play. This feature advertises the presence of your Router on the UPNP Enable box (a check mark will appear in the box).Apply to allow the change to take effect.OK in the pop-up screen to reset the Router.


Finally, Port forward

 Firewall Settings. Then select Port from the menu options at the left of the screen. A warning screen will display the following message:





Next, Click Add at the bottom of the screen. After you clicked Add, a New Port Forwarding Rule screen will appear.


Select a Service drop-down menu and choose Xbox Live,


Now, click Host and Select the desired IP address from the drop-down menu or manually enter the Xbox IP  address .


4. Click Apply to allow the settings to take effect. And Close .


Now test your Xbox Connection, and you shouldn't get the little yellow triangle warning message!

Hoped this worked, as it worked for me. Again, not a tech, but got it to work....didn't take to long.

Thanks ,Freddyrich (my xbox gamertag)....

Select the Xbox Live from the

Click Yes to proceed.

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Re: A little help with the Xbox 360 and Westell Router

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Thank you for your post! Happy gaming!

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