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ANYONE trying to connect to Xbox Live w/ GT704WGB PLEASE READ!!!!

ANYONE trying to connect to Xbox Live w/ GT704WGB PLEASE READ!!!!

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I have been having issues connecting to xbox live all week. Just got new phone/interent service set up monday(2-22-10) Could not connect to Xbox live, wired or wireless, but had not problem connecting wirelessly w/ laptop. the xbox first said NAT set to moderate and to disable UPnP, after that was fixed it said MTU insufficient and had to be set to 1364 or higher(let me save you the trouble of looking its already set to 1492 by default)  

Contacted Verizon about this issue several times, along w/ intermittent calls to xbox tech support and even actiontec, until verizon finally got me to buy the premium tech support. Take my advice SAVE your money!!!! They did not fix my problem whatsoever. Actiontec finally told me that it was my equipment, so I contacted Verizon and after fighting w/ TS agents then finally after 2 hrs got what I wanted by talking to supervisor and she had them send me a new gateway. but after I got the new gateway, I set it up and had the same issue (so I guess it was not the equipment afterall).

I did everystep the tech support people had done in the days past and still no connection. If you have had this trouble as well, let me save you the headache of hours on the phone w/ tech support people who are dumber than dirt(i spent a total of over 10hrs in 3 days on phone w/ various TS agents).


If your actiontec gateway has been messed w/ in anyform or fashion, and connects wireless (or wired) just fine to other devices(PC Wii etc) w/o any modification to gateway, try this:


 RESET the gateway to factory settings(press the little red button on the back of the gateway w/ a pen or small object.

 after all the lights have come back on, go to the gateway site to modify it (enter    then hit enter) username is admin and password is password, by default.

Go to Security, click on DMZ Hosting, click" on" and make sure it is for Xbox 360 not for your PC under DMZ Host PC Name

Run a "Test live connection"? on xbox360 and it should connect to Xbox Live

Device: Westel 6100G Modem
Plan: 3.0Mbps/700~kbps
Location: California, U.S.A.
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it's a shame you went through all that trouble but congrats on finally getting it to work and possibly helping others! an issue I had connecting to Xbox Live in the past was a moderate NAT, I just had to open a few ports for that.

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**bleep**!!!!  4 hours of geeking out all for just that?  thanks man, worked like a charm.

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Worked like a charm! I found this after an entire night of trying different solutions, even the ones on the FAQ for the Actiontec modem itself and nothing worked. Thanks for posting this!

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So glad to hear that I could help. No one should have to deal with all the stress and frustration that I had to endure just to get their xbox to connect. Its so incredibly frustrating to find out at the end that It is such an easy fix.

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