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Actiontec GT784WNV Bridging - support not useful

Actiontec GT784WNV Bridging - support not useful

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I'd like to first start off by saying Verizon tech support is deplorable.  I've dealt with some garbage outsource support in my day, but these guys are the worst.  Spoke with two reps on the phone and one on chat - they all take forever and insist on going in baby steps with me, and then seem to just repeat rudimentary comments such as "you must then configure the router" when they become stumped.  That said, I'm trying to bridge Actiontec GT784WNV with my own router.  I don't want to use the built in wireless, and would prefer to use my own high-end Asus wireless router because of speed and security reasons.  They all gave me different advice on how to change the settings and none worked correctly.  I'd prefer to just have them send me a plain old dsl modem instead of this modem/router combo but the indians don't seem to understand this request, so i'm at a loss of what to do.  I'm about to just cancel the service and send the equipment back if i have to deal with this kind of drama whenever there's a porblem.  Anyone successfully bridge this thing?

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 Just called billing to add my directv account to my existing bundle for a discount.  Got some weirdo who said he couldn't figure out how to do it and was going to transfer me, and then the line was disconnected because it said the extension was invalid.  Seems like every department over at verizon support is completely inept.  Where do they get these employees from?  I've never come across anything like this.  Every company has a bonehead or two in their support department, but it seems like verizon employs them across the board

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To bridge your router, do the following:


Visit . You will be prompted for a username and password. Try the following if you have not changed the password:









Once in the modem, click on "Advanced Setup" in the navigation. In the left hand side navigation, click on "WAN IP Settings." From here, click on the option for RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging and then leave all other settings to their defaults. Click Save.


From here, connect your router and set up your ASUS router for PPPoE with your Verizon username and password.


*NOTE* If your modem does not use PPPoE as the connection type, you will need to have Verizon break the DHCP lease on your connection, and then you will need to connect your ASUS up via DHCP. Alternatively, leaving your modem powered down for two hours will break the DHCP lease so the ASUS can pull a connection.


When bridging, you must disable DHCP in the ActionTec and also shut off other serivces such as Wireless, UPnP and the Firewall. Otherwise, you will have problems.

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Thanks alot.  I'll give this a try.  I knew the nonsense the support reps were giving me had to be b/s.  Still can't believe how bad the tech support and customer service reps are over there.

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I have been having the same problem since more than four months ago.My conclusion is that this GT784 is a disaster for Verizon.  It does not work well, i.e., dropping the line so often, and the bridging does NOT work at at all. I did several searches for setting bridging to my own router, but none of them worked.  Those people who really did the configuration similarly to Smith6612 suggestion all concluded that this GT784 RFC 1483 doesn’t work!I did it myself many times: a NO GO!  Another problem is that this gateway never retried the connection by itself! It just simply dropped the line.  The good old plain DSL Modem always retried loop back on the line until connected.  So you must reboot, reset, or power off then on again this GT784 by yourself.   Please do let me know if this GT784 ever worked for you (in bridging mode). Comcast is coming to my area, and I will definitely go with Comcast, no more Verizon!

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Ive got comcast xfinity over at one of my investment condos. I dont use the internet often enough there to care, but they gave me some router modem combo too that im not really a fan of. Havent attempted to bridge it yet

I would just buy a dsl modem through verizon but they seem to br giving me resistance about doing so. The offshore service tech seemed to be having a tantrum when i told him that was my plan and asked to be transferred to the appropriate party. Kept saying "sir you are going to be charged is that what you want?!" When i finally convinced him i didnt care, he agreed to transfer me but then just disconnected the line instead.
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I gave up on off-shore outsourcing tech services long, long time ago!

At least, Comcast in my area has a large selection of cable modems that you can pick and choose, and it is 15 Mbps Upload 3 Mbps download for only $35/mo. while with Verizon DSL I am paying $45/mo with 1Mbps/.6Mbps!!!

Please let me know if you can bridge the GT784.  Best Wishes!

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Sorry I meant 15 Mbps download/ 3 Mbps upload!

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I know that this is a bit late for the intial poster solving his probolem - but for others, I got this to work quickly today on my Netgear N900.


Simple settings change on the Actiontec modem/router:


Log onto the modem/router at using an ethernet cable connected to the modem/router and PC.


Within Advanced Settings tab (across top of screen), go to WAN IP settings (down left side) and change to the second option (the one right below PPPoE) -  click the  "RFC14F3 - transparent bridge mode" option and hit apply. No other changes were required to get the 2nd router functional


I did then, in Wireless tab, turned the radio off so that the Actiontec router no longer appears to your PCs as an available wireless connection.  Hit apply blah blah blah.....  


I then turned everything off and let is reboot to ensure everyone is all happy.... Smiley Happy


I did note that the internet light on the modem no longer comes on green.  It just stays off, but the DSL light comes on correctly on the modem.  Note that the internet light on the separate add-on router confirms the internet connection.


Interestingly, my DSL speed tests went from 2.75 down to 3.07 +/-.


The Actiontec seemed to be a fairly good piece of equipment, but the Netgear N900 gives me remote access to 2 add-on USB storage devices and huge coverage area in my large house.  Nice router if you are looking....

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That's what I did, I had an old Westell 2200, it runs faster than the new actiontec but it drops the connection over and over per day.  The actiontec drops the connection less but is much slower.


I have both set up as bridged to my firewall which is an ipcop PC (ipcop.org), I turned on transparent bridging in the WAN page just like you and turned off the wireless radio also.  I then point the ipcop to it as a pppoe connection.  It turns out the ipcop side of the configuration is completely the same so luckily I can just switch back to westell.


I've noticed a lot of noise on the line, I suspect Verizon is leaving noisy lines in place on purpose to drive more people away from dsl to fios.  The techs work on the wiring boxes and then leave the shields up exposing the wires to the weather.  Right at my driveway they did that and I put in a complaint to the residence office and it's still not fixed.

How can wiring techs work on the wires, pull them out of the silo covers and then leave without putting the silo cap back down?


Update: I just went outside and they put the box back together, probably some time today.

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