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Adding a laptop to existing DSL service

Adding a laptop to existing DSL service

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My existing Verizon DSL service involves an HP desktop with a Westell modem plugged into the back of the computer.

Please tell me the simplest and least expensive way in which to add a new Acer laptop to my existing setup.


The literature on the laptop states:


"Connect to a broadband modem or a wired broadband router with wired Ethernet, or

wirelessly connect to a Wi-Fi signal or hotspot with the 802.11b/g/n wireless connection built into your PC".


I'm admitedly not very literate on this project so I would greatly appreciate anyone's instructions in "layman's terms.


Thanks kindly,


Jack B.



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You haven't mentioned which Westell unit you have. Some have a Wi-Fi capability built in, some don't.


If you have one with Wi-Fi, you should log onto the router as and set up your Network or SSID name, and enable some form of Security (for simplicity, I'd suggest 64 bit with an 5 character password.  That way when you connect to via Wi-Fi on your laptop, you will know what network to connect to, and use the same 5 character password to log onto your Wi-Fi Network. Connecting to the Wi-Fi network usually means simply double clicking on the wireless icon on the  desktop of the laptop computer, and it should guide you through the logon to your network. That costs nothing.


The simplest ways to connect requires that you buy an Ethernet Cable (they are pretty inexpensive) long enough to reach from the back of the Westell to your laptop. Then  simply connect one end to one of the LAN ports on the Westell, and the other end to the Ethernet connector on your laptop. On most versions of Windows, that will be literally plug it in, and it works.


At some point you may want to change of the default settings, but in general they will work just fine. The cable shouldn't cost more than a few dollars for Cat-5e (which is the minimum quality you want to use).

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Thanks for your response. Sorry to omit the model number of my modem. It's a Westell 6100. Not sure if it's wireless or not.


Thanks again


Jack B.

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Unfortunately your Westell has neither a router capability or wireless.


So to add additional users you are going to have to buy a router with or without Wirelss (or convince Verizon or someone else to provide you with a Westell 327W, which is the modem, 4 port router and wireless access point [Wi-Fi]).  A 4 port router with wireless should cost less than $100. Belkin, D-Link, Linksys and many others make them for home network use.


The router will connect to the Westell 6100, and the computers will connect to the router.


The 327W is probably the easiest way to go. Call Verizon and see if they are willing to provide one, or perhaps someone who reads this forum has one they have retired from service...



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mattheww wrote:

Unfortunately your Westell has neither a router capability or wireless.


So to add additional users you are going to have to buy a router with or without Wireless..



#1 While you are correct it does not have Wireless, you are wrong.


It is modem combo (modem and router all-in-one).


If the user has a RJ-45 WAN port router, I point to


#2 If the user does not desire to get a RJ-45 WAN port and then put their modem combo into bridge mode, then they could get a switch.

Just to clear since I know most routers have a built in switch, the user could get a switch that is not part of a router.
a) To make it even easier to setup the switch, they could get an unmanged switch.
Such as the
b) An example of a managed switch is the
I am not saying that the user should be buy their switch from staples OR what switch to buy. Those are only examples, period.

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In addition to the other options you've been given, you could call Verizon and ask VZ to replace the Westell 6100 they provided you with with a unit that supports wireless connects.  I'm not sure, but I think the 6100G is such a unit.  VZ offers a wireless DSL router to new DSL customers.  I'm surprised you didn't get one. 


There are two advantages to this approach:  first, you'll end up with a configuration that is supported by VZ.  Second, they will wal;k you through the installation.  It should also save you a few bucks. 


I have a Westell 7500 supplied by VZ that supports 4 ethernet connections as well as wireless. 

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