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Bye Bye DSL

Copper Contributor Nunzio
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Well, that response was as fast as Verizon DSL in the evenings;-)


First, the problem is reported, then kicked around, speculated upon in the forum, gathering many responses, and now, finally, it's going to be looked at maybe by an agent . . . if the the person with the problem can actually access the link in "My Private Support Cases" to the private boards.


I guess it's finally time for Verizon to take this person's story and problem private because it is being universally commented upon by the rest of us on the forum who find that we are experiencing the same problems and the same tired responses from Verizon.


And if the problem is addressed and solved, is there any possibility that Verizon will refund any part of this person's payments for all the time that he was not getting what he was paying for? 

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There's a very good chance once the problem is solved if you ask Verizon nicely, they will give you some money back in the form of a credit or will give you a month or two free. Just have to ask.


Regardless of the fact, Verizon has a speed package with the range of 1.1Mbps to 15Mbps so in the literal stance, any speed you get in that package within that range is acceptable. In my view you should be given the max your line itself supports, and yes the phone should always be fixed before the DSL is worried about. Normally resolving a phone issue will fix the DSL right up. It won't fix the speed if it was already turned down on the provider end (which can always be fixed), which is why phone should be worried about first. 

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When you contract for speed of 1 to 15 MPS, then the only range acceptable is what I stated anything less verizon is out of providing service agreed on.  So a 15 MPS line should never go below 9 to 10 MPS.


Asking nice, that's a laugh verizon does not hear you or want to hear you and what good is a credit on the time lost on-line and contacts missed.


The only reason for the in private so called agent help is to keep everyone else from hearing what is going on, which is OK I keep logs of all activity at this point in case FCC needs true picture of what was said and done.


verizon did not show on Friday as promised to even repair my phone, did show up on Saturday after I informed them of my filing with FCC.  Now lets see what happens next, as far as the in private agent help all they did so far is have me fill out a request form ( lets see request service repair after how many request I have already sent them).


I will keep all informed here of what goes on even if they don't like it, unless of couse they lock me out of forum.

Copper Contributor nospamsam
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You summed it up very nicely.  I spent 10 hours on the phone or an online chat with the Phillipines yesterday. All they do is keep telling you over and over how happy they are to help you when in fact, they have no idea what you are saying. I called back a fourth time and got India. She finally LISTENED and realized that what I had been saying all along was probably my problem--that someone at VZ shut me down because they thought I was a spammer.  She said that she would connect me to someone who could definitely help me. She did. I got Kevin right here in the US. I was jumping for joy. Well, Kevin wanted to charge me for support! You have to pay for them to fix a problem that they caused? I'm letting my walking do the talking and going to Comcast--my only other choice. When will these companies learn? Overseas call centers might be cheap but you get what you pay for. These call center are robotic. They work from a knowledge data base and if your question isn't worded exactly how it is worded in their knowledge database--you won't get help. When you talk to Americans and you don't word a question in the exact way that someone else might, they have the cultural and

language knowledge to understand what you are saying.  The robots in the Phillipines and India don't.  Can't wait to cut VZ loose. I just hope Comcast doesn't have such horrible customer service.

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Hi nospamsam,


Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look down the middle towards the bottom where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases".

There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions.



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We received the more detailed description to your problem in the form you sent...


"A virus sent out an email blast to everyone in my contacts. When I tried to send emails, I got '552' error message & couldn't receive. After many hours w tech support, I can send via portal only on my desktop, can receive but still can't send via Windows Live or can't send on my ipad via portal.It started when VZ put the spam hold on my account. I am in work until 4:30."


When an account gets flagged for spam, it can not send through any means (email client or portal). Since you are able to send via that means, there is nothing flagged on the account anymore. If you are having lingering problems with the other machines or the email clients on your computers, then the virus had made changes to those programs and they will need to be corrected. This is not an issue with your Verizon account. Are you still having the trouble?



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Well im glad at least im not the only one verizon is discriminating against. My plan is for 7-14 i think but lots of times i get 1. The indian support just right me off all the time. I'm still trying my hardest to be nice to them.

Copper Contributor hey_moe
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Being since Anthony locked out threads that he doesn't like I can comment on this thread. Yes everything you said is true. They still have not done anything with my plan and kept it the same which I have asked them to put it back like it was because I was lied to about the new charges. Last night I filed a formal complaint with the BBB next week I will refile until someone in upper management decides to step in and correct all the lies that I am being told.I was told last night that they can't put anuthing back like it was because of their mistake and lie. I was also told that even though they renewed my contract without my knowledge there was nothing I could do about that either.

Contributor ricmallcom
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I was one of you many folks with all sorts of issues until i finally had enough.
 Switched all my services (internet, tv, landline) to optimum and have been extremely happy with it.


I strongly advise anyone having these issues with verizon to drop them, if you are in the NYC area and check optimum online, not only is is $10 cheaper than verizon dsl but faster, tech support is not in india with people who barely speak english and you will be treated like a valued customer.


I will never ever give verizon my business.


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Bronze Contributor II
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Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. LAUGHING GREAT SUPPORT KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ELIZIBETH

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