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Can I get a replacement modem for free?

Can I get a replacement modem for free?

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I am currently using Westell 327W Modem for Verizon DSL. Can I get a replacement modem for free if I suspect my current one is not working properly?

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It's very possible you could get one sent to you for free. Doesn't hurt to try and ask for one over the phone. It might result in sending back the 327w however.

What issue are you having with the 327w though? We might be able to solve it.
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Every 20 or so minutes, the internet light on the modem disappears so I get disconnected from the internet. It happens over and over again. I had technicians come and they told me to lower my speed to 768 kbps to 1 mbps which I did but the problem is still there.

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Ok. That is more than likely not an issue with the modem. Go to and based on what you see, do the following:

If running Verizon's Red and Black firmware, go to System Monitoring, Advanced Monitors, and then Transceiver Statistics. Post up what you see on that page. Then, go to System Logging and choose the "All" category for the log. Post the log up for us to see. If needed, you can the log and post the link up to the paste.

If running White and Blue Westell firmware, go to Troubleshooting and choose Transceiver Statistics. Post up what you see on that page. Then, go to Troubleshooting and locate the Logging section. I need the logs from the "All" category. Same as above, either post it here or put it on Pastebin and link it to us.

If you are prompted for a Username and Password, try the following:

Your Verizon Username/Password.
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I had a 327W for several years.  When I started to have trouble, Verizon sent a tech out to check on the line. 


As part of the line check, the tech tested the 327W.  He declared it fried. 


Verizon did not offer me a free replacement, but allowed me to sign up for a plan that costs an additional $2.75  (approx) per month.  In connection with that plan, they sent me a new 7500 to replace the 327W.   To me, this is like buying the thing on installments.  In about 24 months, I will have paid for the 7500.  By then, I'll be ready to replace it again.


 Initially, they were going to to have me ship the 327W back to them, which was OK with me.  Eventually, they told me to forget shipping it, and just dispose of it.


As part of this whole episode, my line speed got improved to what I had been paying for all along.



Your mileage may vary.


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That log is suggesting the Westell rebooted recently. Oddly enough it has the time still in the log, so there may be a problem with the 327w. Whenever the Internet drops, do you see this in the log for the time the Internet was down?

MON JAN 17 23:48:36 2011
Model number: A90-327W15-06

MON JAN 17 23:48:36 2011
Software version: VER:

MON JAN 17 23:48:36 2011
Product: WireSpeed Data Gateway
Model: 4 Port Gateway
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yes, it is posted at the bottom. here is the log when the internet is down:

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OK. The Westell 327w is actually reporting a loss of sync, with some instances reporting PPPoE trouble, which seems to correlate with the loss of sync following a minute or two after. At the moment there appears to be no reason for lowering the speed of the DSL. If you have Phone service with Verizon however, do you hear any static or humming on the line at the time of the DSL acting up? Are any neighbors seeing similar issues with their DSL lines and dropping? Lastly to rule out the 327w as being the problem, have you tried hooking up another DSL modem (doesn't matter the age, anything that will sync and connect) temporarily to see if it shows the same issues?
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there's no static and humming. i don't have another modem to test. the modem has been working better lately, i've been able to use the internet w/o disconnections for more than 4 hours. when i had the 1.5 to 3 mbps plan, i was getting below 2 mbps so that's why i was recommended to lower my plan.

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