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Connection issue

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Silver Contributor III
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Re: Connection issue

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As a field tech here's what I would do with all you have told me.  First... the dsl light being steady tells me the signal is getting to the modem and something is interfering with the signal coming to it. 


 I would first take my test meter and run a test at the cord that plugs into the modem.  If the speed is low, I would make sure there is no filter on the cord.  If there  is no filter....


I would then go to the line coming to the house, disconnect all the inside wires and repeat the test.  If my test looks good with the wires disconnected I would connect one wire at a time to see which run is hindering my speeds.  More often than not I have found some customers getting very creative with how they run inside wires.  They may chain one jack to another and so on....some make a splice point in the house where they run more wires. 


Basically Dsl works best when the wire is run directly from the jack to the point where the outside line meets the inside wires.


Other factors which interfere with speed is equipment in the house...Satellite recievers, alarm systems, cordless phones or answering machines to name a few.


The best success I have when the trouble is inside is to install a special filter outside.  The line comes into the unfiltered section goes to the modem, the other leg goes to the rest of the wires in the house.  This method makes the modem jack a dedicated line.

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Re: Connection issue

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I waited all day Saturday and no one came from Verizon. 


Sunday - the DSL speed is back to what it was before and is fully functional and operational.  Something must have been changed on Verizon's side or some other factor changed. It appears to be working now. 🙂  

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Re: Connection issue

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It sounds like they fixed something before the house.  Keep an eye on it just to be sure.
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Re: Connection issue

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Hi - I like ot join this discussion as I may have similar problem. I upgrade dsl speed from 768/128 to 3Mb/768 on 02/12. For about 12 days, it works great. However, on 02/24 (last Tuesday), the connection wil drop at anytime and overall experience is like 14.4 dial-up. I calles verizon service many times. They said line looks good as Westell 327W model shows all connected speed is 3356/843 and connected.I have done reboot etc and no good. The issue is donwload speed (ftp) is good (300kb/s)once connected. however, shows upload is 10k-128k (never go higher). modem show DSL has steady green light; internel is green and brinking even the connection dropped (I needs to disconnect and connect from Westtel to regain internet access).
I do find some interesting. DNS lookup (to will take 2-6+ seconds to lookup any internel URL. when it timeout (6+s), and so all my connections drop.
Is there is dns issue within verizon that causes this slowness. It looks like the same time I had the problem as the original thread author. thanks


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Re: Connection issue and how to get service ?

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I am joining this topic  because I have connection problems too.


I have had Verizon DSL for several years and in the last year I have had to subscribe to

my Cable Modem company to get reliable connections. 


I keep my Verizon connection as a backup as I need to have a reliable connection and 

the Verizon DSL has not been reliable.


My most recent issues and they are 'still issues' are that the connection keeps coming and 



Here are the details.

Wireless DSL Modem/Router - GT704WG, No other routers

Power light is ON,  DSL light steady when connection is good blinking when connection is not working

Intenet and Wireless lights blink when being used.


I have tried different telephone cables, different network cables, and different computers. Symptoms are

always the same DSL light blinks and the connection drops. Each of the systems I use work fine and 

dandy on my Cable Modem connection.


I have talked with Tech Support several times and done the power down/up thing. I was told that it had been 

escalated and someone would come by my house between 8 AM and 7 PM today. It is now 6:45 PM and 

no one has called or stopped by.  I have used the GUI interface to look at the connection and  logged into

the modem with my browser to verify correct settings. The problem is external to my systems and yet I 

don't know how to get this repaired. I had an on-line chat session this afternoon and saved that session so

I have something to verify part of my experience.


Any ideas ??????



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Silver Contributor III
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Re: Connection issue and how to get service ?

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@nessmuk wrote:

My most recent issues and they are 'still issues' are that the connection keeps coming and going. 


Your loosing your broadband connection to the router...indicated by the flashing Dsl light.


There's a post with Dale where he wasn't loosing his was just slow..In his case he required a homerun wire to the modem jack and a filter placed outside.  This remedy also takes care of troubles like yours.


Sometimes line problems will cause your internet to go out.   In other instances home electronics can effect your connection....such as answering machines, alarm systems ,satellite recievers.


Sometimes incoming calls can make a router loose connection...A tech will be needed to sort this out.  If no one shows up tomorrow, call repair again and demand they dispatch out.

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Re: Connection issue and how to get service ?

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Thank you for the reply.


I was told it was dispatched out. I was told someone would be at my house between 8 AM to 7 PM.

No one showed up and no one called. We made sure someone was available which affected our personal

schedule. I called back a couple times during the day, the second time just before 7 PM . The connection

was working at that time and after I asked for a supervisor they told me that it had been fixed in the CO.

They would NOT get a supervisor. I insisted and after being on hold for 15 minutes my call was dropped.

They DID call me back and when I asked for a supervisor they transferred me to dispatch (not a supervisor)

I was told once again that the problem was resolved and there was nothing else they could do. I wanted

and explanation about the problem resolution and I wanted to know why no one called or stopped by to let 

us know the problem was resolved. 


My line has been intermitent for several days. It is not uncommon for it to work for several hours then to stop

working. Without an explanation of what they found I have very little confidence and after spending several hours

trying to get support and waiting for some feedback I am not a happy camper. I would readily drop Verizon if I

didn't have a verizon e-mail address and may do that anyway if I continue to get such poor support.


<Rant Over> 🙂 I am going let my blood pressure go back to normal. I hope Verizon support management monitors

these threads.

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Silver Contributor III
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Re: Connection issue and how to get service ?

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I would call them back in a heartbeat...esp. while your blood is still boiling and let them know how you feel...tell them that it's still not fixed and demand someone be dispatched to your house.  This in my opinion is unacceptable.  After you re-report your trouble to the dsl dept, call regular repair and tell them you have static on your line that comes and goes.  At least you might get someone out there.  This worked for Dale and the tech at least isolated his trouble to inside the house.
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Re: Connection issue

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I agree I have been dealing with this problem for 2 weeks now. Is Verizon getting overloaded or what is going on?  I have let a tech go into my computer two time in the past few weeks and I get the same answer. That there is nothing wrong. There has to be something wrong.  I have taken everything off except what came on my computer when I got it. 


When I am on the internet  and try to chage sites it takes forever to switch the sites or sometimes tells me there is an error and the page cannot be displayed.


Can someone please help me fix this.  Does Verizon not now that we are paying for DSL not dial-up.  My computer is running like I have dial-up and I don't like  that will someone please help all of the Verizon DSL customers and do something for us and fix the problem.

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