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Connection issues.

Connection issues.

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The last two days have been full of connection drop-outs for me.  


Mostly it happens when I try to do "too many" things online.  Too many webpages loading, or loading WoW and a webpage.  


Through my research, it would appear to be a hardware issue tied to the westell 7500 modem/router, since it is that, which goes down for the whole house.


Does verizon have any other available wireless modem?  Or a more reliable wired-only modem which i could tie into a wireless router, and perhaps solve my issue?  

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Oh, right, by the way.  It also seems to crash whenever I try to access verizon service tools.


And if I have to talk to "Peggy" again, and not a real tech, I'm going to lose my mind.

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Log into the Westell at from any PC and then do the following, based on what you see.


1: If you see a Red and Black Verizon page with a bunch of information on it, click on the System Monitoring at the top navigation and then choose Advanced Monitors on the Left hand side Navigation. Press Yes past the prompt if any appears, and then choose Trasceiver Statistics.


2: If you see a Blue and White Westell page, select Troubleshooting, DSL, and then choose DSL/Transceiver Statistics.


Provide the Information you see there by copying and pasting it. It will contain information such as Attenuation, Margin, Power Level, and show the modem speed.


Should you be asked for a login, try the following:






Your Verizon Username and Password


The information I'm asking for here will let me see how your line is running. If the physical loop is OK, we'll have to check into other things. In the past, Verizon tech support agents used to ask for this information over the phone to verify how a line was operating, even though they could probably pull it up from the equipment on their end. Lately it seems that many of the agents no longer ask for this information for whatever reason (either they cannot see it, or are not trained to do so) but it's often a great place to start when slow speeds and disconnects are occurring.

If you are the original poster (OP) and your issue is solved, please remember to click the "Solution?" button so that others can more easily find it. If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the "Kudos" button.


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