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Connection problems what a headache...need some help please

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Connection problems what a headache...need some help please

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Hello.  For months now I've been trying every possable angle to resolve my connections issues without changing anything hardware wise for the past 8 months or so.  Before October of last year my connection issues were so horrible I decided it was time to buy a new pc.  My old pc was 2001 yr HP model with os ME by factory set, upgraded to os Windows XP home ed.  When I set up my new pc, 2008 model HP with os Vista, it seemed to have resolved my connection problems.  This lasted about 2 weeks or so, when I decided to do a disk cleanup utility option, to clean up temp internet files etc.  Then the problems began in a new light.  Explaining some of my setup, my Verizon Online with MSN DSL setup disk doesn't seem to work fully with the Vista.  But somehow a connection was made through the pc itself, almost as if I didn't need to do this manually.  I figured it was a Vista perk.  So I rolled with it.  My VoL DSL modem is a Westell 2100 series (wired).  I notice when my connection is lost, usually the ethernet light is blinking.  I also use Linksys cable/DSL router (wired) series BEFSR41 ver 3.1, which sometimes either blinks the ethernet lights or just blacks out, comming on again, then blacking out, etc.  Some days everything is fine with the pc's connections, but I loose the connections on my playstation 2 and playstation 3.  Sometimes all 3 go out at the same time.  My girlfriend sometimes hooks up her labtop in the 4th router port, which usually she has no issue with the internet.  But if I'm using the internet on my playstations, I tend to loose my connection if she's on her labtop.  It seems to happen just as bad if I'm using my playstations and try using my pc for a bit.  Usually get the connection problem, ethernet cable is not connected, on my playstation 3.  Just a connection problem message on my playstation 2.  Sometimes my pc is fine but I loose the connection on just the two playstations.  I always do the same thing which sometimes resolves the issue, shut down pc, unplug modem for 20 sec then replug modem, unplug router for 20 seconds the replug router, turn pc back on, wait until all drivers are set before testing the connection.  2 weeks ago I tried something different and it worked like a charm until last night.  Have girlfriend's labtop's ethernet cord removed from the router, put my pc on sleep (which I noticed makes the router light it's connected to blacken, where if I just shut down, it's still lightened up), turn on my playstations (yeh I'm an Everquest Online Adventures junkie, the game I play on both consoles), and connection is usually fine.  Occational connection problem comes up but it wasn't booting me off like before.  Then we get to yesterday.  Girlfriend plugged in her labtop to my router.  I decided when she was done to unplug the ethernet cable like before, paranoid at this stage what will be corrupting my connection.  Last night, the playstations seemed to have a connection, but incredibly slow.  So I turned off everything including taking my pc off sleep and shutting it down, resetting the modem and router, rebooting the pc until all drivers were set, put pc on sleep, turned on playstations, checked connection test which on both playstations came up successful, then proceded to try logging on to my EQOA accounts.  Was still slow, then apparently I couldn't connect.  After resetting the playstations again and trying, not working as it should be, I turned them off.  Then, taking my pc off sleep, waiting for the connection to substansiate with the router and modem, nothing.  I did my usual reset of everything, etc, still, no connection on the pc.  This morning, booted pc, no connection.  Reset everything twice, now I'm connected.  Diagnostics from my pc said it saw no issue with my connection to the internet, which I had none.  Before getting connection back today, I disabled the connection, enabled it, then tried to repair it, said there was no issue with the connection to the internet, and still had no connection.  I also removed McAfee auto renewal and subscribed to Norton, only because I heard McAfee wasn't compatable with Vista.  I keep telling myself I shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't work.  This has been such a headache.  I'm trying to hold on to Verizon but this is making things very annoying.  I've tried in the past calling to speak to someone about connection issues (go figure), and either I can't understand the Verizon representative's accent (no offense), or I get cut off in the middle of the call.  This is why I think I'm not alone on being hesitant to call from help.  I do have a cordless Motorola brand phone, which I'm mentioning only because I noticed someone on a previous post's resolve to his connection was his new wireless digital phone.  2 phone lines come into the house, 1 filter on my line, 1 on my folk's line downstairs and 1 on their same line upstairs.  Not sure if my modem needs upgrade since i've had it since 2001, if my router isn't fully compatable with vista, if it's just an ethernet cable issue, a phone lines issue, or is it just Verizon?  To anyone who took the time to read this I thank you for your patients on the length of this letter.  If anyone can help me resolve this I thank you.  But either way, I need help please.





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