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Constant disconnections

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Constant disconnections

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Starting about two weeks ago my dsl has been disconnecting quite often and I'm not sure what is causing it. At first I did my best to ignore it but it has gotten to the point where it might disconnect over and over multiple times in a row. My connection has never been all that great to begin with. From what I've been told I’m located  pretty far from the central office so that can have an impact on the line. While I usually see a lot more issues regarding disconnections during the summer, it hasn't been this bad before.


Back near the end of April Verizon gave us an unexpected speed increase which knocked our internet out for two days until the order was completed. A little inconvenient but 5.9 mbs was better than 3.3 mbs. However, there were several issues with us not getting the speeds the router statistics were displaying but after about two or so weeks everything was finally working great. The connection was stable and faster than ever before. We did not experience any issues until about two weeks ago. 


Currently I could be browsing a website and the page will go blank and say there is a DNS error before showing there is no internet connection. Usually the lights on the router will stay lit but I won’t be able to do anything online. Sometimes the connection will come back after a little bit. There are times when the internet light will go off and will not reconnect, so I’ll have to reset the router manually. Occasionally my connection will be good for an hour or so and other times it will be 10 minutes or more before I can get a stable connection. It's very random and very frustrating. 


Before attempting to contact Verizon by phone I was hoping that someone here might be able to help me out. I always appreciate the help of the reps but if could avoid another hour long call I'd prefer it. 


Not sure if it will help but my router is the DSL-2750B.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it. 



I have attempted to post this multiple time but my internet doesn't want to cooperate.

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Re: Constant disconnections

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YES I just wanted to come here to say that since April 2018 I have had SERIOUS connection issues with my Verizon DSL (that I have had for over 15 years with NO previous problem). It got to the point where it literally only stayed connected for 5-10 minutes the entire day and night. Resetting the modem/router was the only reason I got that 5-10 minutes per day. They initially told me there was no issue on my end, but then gave me the runaround HOWEVER they did send me a free new modem/router in the meantime since mine was older.  But they take the stand that it is not an issue on their end.  Just YESTERDAY was the FIRST time I've had it stay connected for 2 days in a row since April (knock on wood).


I am basically paying $100 a month for the past 3 months for almost zero service.

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Re: Constant disconnections

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Just got home and it took 20 minutes to get to this website thanks to my internet disconnecting over and over. I can't rely on it at all right now. I had to download something important at home while I was away at work today and of course it failed because of the connection dropping. I'm going to end up buying a wifi adapter for my pc and using my phone as a hotspot just to download something. This is absurd. All I want is to be able to use the service I pay for. That's all. This issue as well as the numerous other problems I've had over the years are really making me consider switching to comcast.

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Re: Constant disconnections

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There's not a whole lot we can look at given the D-Link doesn't provide the DSL Statistics. Verizon probably needs to see if your noise margin is too low and either drop the speed a tad or fix the underlying issue with your copper line. This will require a tech visit.


Get a "Home Run" or a dedicated, unfiltered line installed from your NID to your modem if Verizon does stop out, just to rule out any potential issue in your home. Filter the rest of the house at the NID. There are special drop-in devices Verizon can install in the NID for this.

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