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Copper Wire (POTS) retirement

Copper Wire (POTS) retirement

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So I just found out that Verizon plans to retire DSL service in my area:








I haven't heard any info from Verizon about what's going to happen to my service (I've been without service since March 20th). Will I be moving to FiOS? Will the price be the same? When will the upgraded service even be available?


I'm just posting info here to share with other people who may be in the same situation. Do you have any info from Verizon about what's going to happen to your service?



Also, anyone affected by this outage in New York should open a complaint with the NY Office of Consumer Services here: http://www.dps.ny.gov/

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Verizon is trying to get people who live in areas where Fiber is available off the copper network and onto Fiber. Verizon should be able to move your phone services without changing pricing to Fiber. For Internet, Verizon has in the past, offered a basic DSL-equivalent package on Fiber without changing the price for Internet as well.


Chances are good, if you have FiOS available now, calling in any repair for the DSL/Phone will result in the tech switching you to Fiber. If you're in an area where Verizon has filed with the FCC / PUC to decommission Copper, FiOS is in your future. It's worth the switch even if you accept Verizon's copper transition package.


In the copper areas where Verizon has announced retirement of Copper, Verizon has two options they can offer. They either honor your current plan over Fiber, or if the switch to Fiber is refused, the service is left to be disconnected/suspended. They can't move regulated voice to Wireless.

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