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DNS Server with Westell 7500

DNS Server with Westell 7500

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Bronze Contributor II
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My DSL router from Verizon is a Westell model 7500.  Recently, I ran into a problem with my a brand new Samsung Blu-Ray player (Wi-Fi).  When I took it out of the box and set it up, It worked fine.  This includes access to Netlfix and YouTube, the principal reasons I bought this device.


Then the Blu Ray suggested I install a SW upgrade, which I did after a couple of days.  Now I can't access any online services on it.  It keeps saying "Updating System Time.  Try again later.".  I chatted with Samsung support, and they suggested that I change the DNS server on the Blu Ray from automatic to manual,  I'm going to try that later today.

In the meantime,  I find online that this is an open DNS Server from Google.  OK with me.


Here's my question for this forum.  Is there any advantage to changing my primary and secondary DNS servers to and ?  This looks like it will make all the devices in my home network use these instead of the defaults already set in there.  Is there a disadvantage?




I don't want to get messed up with Samsung, Verizon, Westell, and Google all pointing fingers at each other, if I  can avoid it.



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I tried using google's DNS server ( and ( with a Westell 6500 modem and have had nothing but problems since.  The Internet light on my modem turned red.  Rebooting didn't help.  Technical support was of little help, but did send me a new modem.  I also tried the same thing using an Actiontec modem, same problem.  Make sure Verizon supports alternative servers before proceeding.  Wait until someone more knowledgeable answers.  I am not going to make the same mistake twice.    

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Bronze Contributor II
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Thanks.  I ended up resetting the 7500 to factory settings, and that solved the problem I was having with one of my devices.  (A brand new Samsung Blu Ray player).  That reset the DNS server to whatever Westell or Verizon thinks is the default.  I'm going to leave it that way, unless I find out otherwise.

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Despite an accepted answer saying "don't do this", I did it anyway, and it worked quite well for me. I suspect the difference is _where the change is made. Doing it what seems the "right" way by making the change inside the modem doesn't work, apparently because when Verizon gets no DNS requests at all, it refuses to establish PPP. Instead, change ONLY EACH PC - this causes all the DNS requests that matter to skip right around the modem  ...but does not stop the modem from making an occasional DNS request on its own, just enough to keep Verizon happy. 

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