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DNS errors + Intermittent Connectivity Help

DNS errors + Intermittent Connectivity Help

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For the last 5 days my internet has had intermittent connectivity. It is throughout my entire home network of internet access. We have not had any storms or changes to our settings or connections for it to be anything on our network. This issue also happened in the past. Then after X amount of days, it was magically be fixed. When the internet does work, there are no issues and it works fine, which again makes me think it is not on our end and it is Verizon's fault.


When I check the system log of my modem, it has a TON of "DNS request timeouts" or errors saying some other stuff about DNS issues.


My modem/router is Actiontec GT704-WG, I also don't use Wireless internet which is usually related to intermittent connections but that shouldn't be the case.


So is this an issue with Verizon's lines/ servers / connections? Or is it actually something wrong with my network?

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Reset/resboot the modem/router... reboot the PC's and try again....


If all else fails, contact tech support for further troubleshooting


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It is probably a network issue, but the first step is usually to rule out the local equipment, so restarting the PC and the modem/router is a good starting point.


I have yet to come to encounter an ISP that competently manages their DNS equipment, and you will find a number of Verizon Techs who post here who will tell you to change from the Verizon automatically assigned DNS's to Open DNS.

visit www.opendns.com for detail instructions on how to do so. I changed to open DNS months ago.


So if you still have a problem after you have rebooted the equipment, and changed to OpenDNS, it is almost certainly a Verizon network issue, although convincing Verizon of that can be quite challenging.

Good luck

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I tried the OpenDNS thing, and did a power cycle on everything.......and the problem is still persistent. So it seems like Verizon is the problem, and I guess i'll have to call them and get them to check whatever they need to check on their end in my area.

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