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DNS performance

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DNS performance

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I am having problems getting on the internet when first opening Safari. I did some investigating and found information that the problem may be with the Domain Name System (DNS). I ran a test as was

recommended and came up with the info below. What does it mean and how do i correct whatever the problem may be? SYS- Broadcom.Home 3500.00 3500.0 3500.0 1 0

The current preferred DNS server.

100 queries to this host failed
twitter.com appears incorrect:,,,
NXDOMAIN Hijacking
www.paypal.com is hijacked: www.paypal.com.akadns.net
google.com appears incorrect:,,,,,,,
www.google.com is hijacked:,,,,,
socket.error (49, "Can't assign requested address") (1 requests)
socket.error (65, 'No route to host') (250 requests) .  



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