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DSL Customers in Oregon Also Having Terrible Problems with Site Connectivity

DSL Customers in Oregon Also Having Terrible Problems with Site Connectivity



I found this over on the FIOs group, but I am suffering the same problem with DSL.


Please, read my post there first before telling me to contact support, because contacting support was a horrible process and yielded no help at all. I only hope Verizon finally catches on that there is a problem.




I'm on DSL in Welches, OR via Verizon and cannot access:





Along with several other sites. However, when I VPN into my work network through an east coast server, I have zero issues accessing websites. Fiance is having the same issues on his laptop as well.

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Have you tried setting your DNS server to something other than the default to see if it routes you around the problem area(s)?

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You're not alone. Verizon NW aparantely isn't even aware of the problem since they have agents making posts online saying it must be the end user's fault. These messages just don't start coming up on accident all at the same time. Verizon is having severe internal issues. The same problem I had at work which is 30 miles from home and in another county and seperate zone for Verizon is the problem I'm having at home. Certain websites are timing out, sometimes the sites are fine, sometimes they act like they're being firewalled. Not sure if Verizon is trying to implement some new bottleneck software or bandwidth firewall to try and give people less for what they're paying for so the company can make more profit or what?


Oh, and having verizon reps come in on these posts and make suggestions a middle schooler would make to repair the issue is an insult. Quit spreading the blame, don't take the company personally and defend it like it was your best friend and {please keep your posts courteous}

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I believe these issues are due to the fact that Verizon is no longer servicing your state as it approved of the Frontier takeover deal for phone and dsl services in your area.


Frontier signed a deal to acquire Verizon’s regional wireline assets in May 2009. Verizon is divesting its fixed-line business (involving 4.8 million access lines) in 14 states to Frontier for roughly $8.6 billion. The deal was approved by the Frontier shareholders in October 2009 and was also cleared by the state authorities of California, Nevada, South Carolina, Arizona, Ohio and Oregon.


I think unfortunately you are seeing the effects of this now as Verizon is more then likely making the necessary adjustments to allow the switchover. We can only hope your issues are not a sign of what is to come with this transaction. You may wish to try these contacts to report your issues to them


West Region Contact Information
For inquiries specific to Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah.


{edited for privacy}


Mailing Address:
Frontier West Region
9324 W. Stockton Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95758

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