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DSL and DISTANT T-Storms

DSL and DISTANT T-Storms

Copper Contributor lordthor2001
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I can understand losing dsl service with local t-storms, but why am I losing service with storms that are 10-40 miles away?

This seems happening more this year than it has before. If it was only a few random disconnects, i would deal with it. But I am talking about constant disconnects to the point of the internet being completely unusable for several hours at a time. Even as I am typing this post, I keep seeing a message pop up at the top stating

"Sorry, unable to complete the action you requested."



It took me 45 minutes just to be able to get to the forum from the Verizon home page. I'm not sure how long it will take me to post this. I copied this to my clipboard to paste in case of disconnect. It is now 2:45 PM edt





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You're not supposed to lose DSL service when a storm is distant or near. Maybe if the line is marginal and lightning hits near the trunk I'd expect a brief issue but not consistantly.


Your phone line generally acts as a giant antenna for all of that electrical noise. Most likely, the shielding on the trunk and cable pair you feed out of has gone and it is allowing the electrical noise to interfere with the higher frequencies your DSL connection operates at. You'll most likely need a Verizon tech to come out and spend the time to investigate this issue. I doubt this is a home wiring issue so I won't even bother with the NID test.

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