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DSL connection keeps dropping out!

DSL connection keeps dropping out!

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I keep losing my internet connection and have to reset and 50% of the time resetting doesn't help unless I do it 2-3 times! This is my 2nd modem/router. I sent the other one back on April 23, 2012. And within an hour I was having to reset the box!!!

MY DSL model is VERIZON DSL-2750B

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I live in Washington DC, and have the same problem.  Connection has been getting slower over the past 2 months, since March of 2012.  Then, every day for the past 2 weeks, connection drops at least once a day, sometimes many times a day. 


Naturally, I can't get any tech support, because this REQUIRES you to enter in your "account phone number" before you can speak with a human being.  Well, all I have is DSL service with Verizon, not phone service.   If there was ever any phone number associated with the account, it is LONG gone, I changed cell phone plans a half dozen times in the past few years.


My modem is a Westell model  A 90 750015-07


I am confirmed virus free. Automated Agent didn't fix anything, but did have me turn on and off the modem.  Well, Duh! That is the PROBLEM....I am having to keep turning on and off the modem when the connection drops, which is now a daily occurance.

Time to call up Comcast and find out what it will cost to switch over......

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Am having the same problems, just started yesterday. Have had this problem before and they wanted to charge me for a new modem which I fought successfully. Sometimes I wonder if they do this on purpose so you'll switch to FIOS. Guess am going to have to call tech support and got through the same rigmarole of having to explain myself over and over again.
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Neat, you have one of those D-Link modems Verizon is handing out. When the connection drops out is your Internet or DSL light going out? I'm not familiar enough with the D-Link modems to know how to get the Transceiver Statistics. A quick skim of the User Manual isn't showing where that page may be. Visiting is a start!


@bearcar22: Each account has a phone number tied to it, even vanilla DSL accounts. Check your Bill or your MyVerizon account. Both places give you that "virtual" phone number assigned to the line.

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Im having the same exact issue. Sent back a router to get a new one because my High speed internet connection keeps dropping, multiple times a day, and am still having the same issue. rebooting doesnt fix it, I dont have any viruses, my connection works flawlessly on my college campus so I know it isnt a problem with my adapter.


Did some Threshold tweaking, no dice.


Did some encryption tweaking, no dice.


plugged my computer DIRECTLY into my modem, no dice.


I'm at the end of my rope here.


My modem is Westell model  A 90 750015-07, as well. This is my third router. The second one was a D-link and was (laughably) broken upon shipment.


I too believe this is some kind of gimmick to nudge high speed internet users to upgrade to fios, and I will switch to Comcast before I let that happen.


I thought it was my problem or something I wasnt doing right until now, but after seeing there are other people in my area that are having the same issue, and after witnessing verizons multiple (failed) attempts to fix the issue, Ive come here to get some help.


I will purchase a third party router tomorrow, and if I cannot get some help here  I'll look into Comcast in a couple of days.

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Gold Contributor VII
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MisterTechnical wrote:

My modem is Westell model  A 90 750015-07, as well. This is my third router. The second one was a D-link and was (laughably) broken upon shipment.


Upon reflection, I saw your other post at

If you are the original poster (OP) and your issue is solved, please remember to click the "Solution?" button so that others can more easily find it. If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the "Kudos" button.


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@ mcd131 Posting the tranceiver stats for the modem will be a great help in determining what the trouble is.


@bearcat22 Every "dryloop" DSL line (DSL without dial tone) will have a data telephone number associated with it. Even if you are having trouble contacting the tech support posting your tranceiver stats would be a great start. Also starting your own thread about your problem would help create more responses.


@JJUSA  As suggested above posting your tranceiver stats from the modem  would help diagnose the trouble. Also starting your own thread about your problem would help create more responses.


Most Verizon DSL modems can be accessed by typing in the address bar of your web browser. The default username and password are:  admin / password or you can try admin / admin if it's been changed.

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I have also been having problems with the DSL dropping. This has been going on for about 3-4 weeks now. I have frequently been to the IN HOME AGENT, on chat. They(verizon) ran all sorts of line tests in the beginning. Told me to turn of my DSL reverse cable to wall and restart. Then they told me I needed to upgrade my service because I didn't have enough bandwidth to run xbox. Then they told me my lines were fine, that there was nothing wrong even though I kept droppping. I have tried replacing modem/router, changing cables, all sorts of things. Then last night I was on after it dropped in 15 minutes of activity and they told me that they were aware of a the problem, it was in their server. Tech supposedly is working on a fix.   If you folks think back, about a month ago they notified us of an update or firmware change in the system.  HMmmmm!  There for a while they had me thinking I was crazy and needed to move up to a more expensive plan.  I have been running xbox playing online nearly every other night now for over a year and never had the problems I have had in the last month!

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Preston: Wherea are you located? Washington, DC?

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My dsl is dropping to and now its gotten worse since they gave me the replacement router.

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