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DSL drops and speed issues

DSL drops and speed issues

Contributor 71chaz
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Hello....since I've had DSL service, my connection will work fine one minute and then go out.  Or sometimes the download speed will be super slow.  Some days I don't have a problem...others it just goes up and down.  I have a Westell 7500 modem (no DSL filter).  There are 2 cordless phones both with a DSL filter.  Nothing else is plugged into a phone line.  I am using the wireless from the router/modem for a laptop.  I also have a wired PC to the router/modem.


Rebooting the DSL modem sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't.  I've tried plugging the modem into different phone jacks...same issue. 


But here is what's strange.  I figured out that if I call the home phone number using a cell phone, pick up the home line and then hang up, then the DSL connection will come back up in a minute or two at regular speed.


And sometimes I can't get a dial tone on a cordless phone but I haven't noticed if this happens when the DSL is down also.


Any ideas?



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Silver Contributor V
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Please post your modem stats from the 7500.
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You really need to look at the router logs. My bet is the copper pair to the Central Office is in poor condition. I just went to Fios, one of the reasons was problems with DSL. I could give you a pretty good weather report from the state of my DSL condition.  If it wasn't working at all, thunderstorms in the area. Warm Dry weather, pretty good performance. Heavy rainfall for few hours, poor performance. The modem reported the signal loss on the copper pair as 61 db, which is huge.

You get an idea of the age of the copper pair from the porcelain insulating block it sits on. House is vintage 1926, and I suspect the copper pair is almost as old.


The voice side will continue to work reasonably well even if you use chicken wire to the Central Office, DSL needs much better wire, especially if the run from the Central office is long.

Contributor bucweat
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I have also had very similar issues. I've routed my modem logs to a local machine, and it would appear that the line DSL typically goes down in the morning, around lunch time, and after dinner. There are stretches of days where it is fine, and then other days when it has tons of problems. I've called Verizon, and they typically will not do something unless they can "see" the problem on their end. Problem is that it comes back relatively fast... quicker than the time it takes to call them and get through the all the prompts to get a person.


If anyone has luck figuring out how to get help on this please reply here.  

Contributor kmorri107
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Thanks JMW1950. Now I at least know what to ask the tech as he makes his third visit to my house. This can't be the first time they have dealt with this problem. I can't get FIOS in this area so I guess my best bet is to go with Comcast. I doubt if they are going to be able to fix it.  At least I know I am not crazy.
Contributor 71chaz
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Verizon came out recently and it turned out to be a problem with the network interface outside.  Verizon replaced something (not sure what...my wife was home at the time) and my DSL has been fine ever since.  It also fixed my home phone issues.


Thanks for all responses!



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