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DSL getting slower & slower, why?? help!!

DSL getting slower & slower, why?? help!!

Contributor spacequakes
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Our dsl internet is getting slower & slower, with many times cutting out altogether. We have a new i7 computer & new nighthawk router, hoping this would help, but it actually seems to be getting worse each day. I tested internet speed at "M-Lab" site & got 0.36 Mbps download & 0.29 Mbps upload speeds. When I tested on verizon link, both showed 0.0 (& this is with modem connected directly to the computer). I have done virus scans with a couple of different apps & no virus'. Don't know what else to do, so very frustrated. Any thoughts, input would be so greatly appreciated.

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Gold Contributor VII
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Verizon is trying *and succeeded * in certain areas to discontinue copper and want to have customers either jump on their fiber if available or if not find another provider.

dsl is terribly slow no matter what other offers are out there.


you could also check for cable internet in your area. 

Of course if you want to keep the service call verizon up and have them fix it.


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Hello spacequakes,

To talk to a Verizon representative, you should contact customer service directly though one of the methods available on our Support page.

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