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DSL goes off and on in NE Philly

DSL goes off and on in NE Philly

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I have been using  a brick-and-mortar Westell modem (model 2200) for many years since a Verizon technician has bricked my combo modem/router. Sure enough, I use a separate router being connected to this modem.


I noticed a few days ago that a modem's "DSL" light keeps intermittently blinking and the Internet connection goes down. Very soon it comes to normal after a light stops blinking. It happened daily two or three times.


However, since this Sunday morning it happens at least 10 times. Turning modem's power off/on doesn't solve the issue. Physically reseating all connectors/plugs along the cable to the wall doesn't help either.


Finally, I called my neighbor and he confirmed that he's having the same DSL connection problems which started a few days ago.


I hope that issue will be solved by Verizon engineers.


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I'm monitoring disconnects, and my line has been disconnecting and re-connecting  approximately once every 20 minutes all morning.


I was having problems with the DSL last weekend, as well.  There was a probem with the Central office, which I think was fixed on Monday or Tuesday.



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I am also in CC Philly.


Same thing is happening with me.  DSL disconnects every 20 min. or so and I must turn the modem offf and on to reconnect.


Just spent two useless hours in online chat with a verizon agent going through all the standard script things they make you do. (Turn modem off/on, use reset button, unplug/re-plug wires, etc.)


Of course I explained many people seemed to be having this problem, as a quick glance at their own online forums would show them.  They always deny a company problem and insist it is a user-specific problem.


Contacting Verizon "customer support" never resolves the issue.  They don't listen, just make you go through the same "script" again and again.  It is exactly the same whether you use the In-home Agent, telephone, online chat, etc.

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I'm located just the other side of the city limits and am experiencing similar network woes.


Verizon's network crashed **hard** a couple weeks ago and hasn't been fully restored. The thunderstorm a few nights ago probably wasn't helpful, either.


I'm making do with a borrowed network connection from a Comcast subscriber. That's another venal company but at least their network still works.


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Exact same symptoms in the southwest Philly burbs.  Intermittent disconnects (local network is on, but reads "No Internet access" for a minute or two, then returns to connectivity), flashing green light instead of solid on my Westell, power-cycling both modem and router do nothing to fix things.




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Have had the Same Problem in the Bethlehem PA area, Goes out several times a day and needs to be powered cycled.

Sometimes only last a hour or two.  Will have to call  Verizon soon but know the run around you get on the phone.

Wish they  would say they have a problem or have a solution, Yes after they have me shut the modem off and back on again it works , but guess what in another couple hours its not going too, they just dont get it!

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Guess what Sunday was... May 6. That was the day the new rules took effect that new account holders had to bundle Internet with some other service if they were going to use Verizon as their carrier. Old users were grandfathered in, meaning that the rule didn't apply to them. They could stay on with just the Internet if they wanted. I fall into that category of being an old Internet subscriber through Verizon without buying other services.


And now on Sunday, I see that our service has suddenly become faulty. VERY faulty.


I don't think it's a coincidence.

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To all of you who need need help, who posted so far in this thread:


#1 Visit and post up the Traceroute the page shows, if you wish. Be aware that the final hop (bottom-most line of the trace)  might contain a hop with your IP address in it. Remove that line. What I'm looking for is a line that mentions "ERX" in it's name towards the end. If for some reason the trace does not complete (two lines full of Stars), keep the trace route intact.


#2 Can you provide the Transceiver Statistics from your modem?


If you don't know how to get that info:


a) What is the brand and model of your modem?


b) If you have a RJ-45 WAN port router connected to the modem: What is the brand and model of that RJ-45 WAN port router?




To the OP (peron who started this thread) Only:


#2 Can you provide the Transceiver Statistics from your modem?


If you don't know how to get that info:


a) What is the brand and model of your RJ-45 WAN port router?


b) Does your modem combo have only one LAN port or at least two LAN ports?


c) While I suspect your RJ-45 WAN port router has a built in switch in it: Do you have a hub OR switch that is not part of a router?


d) Do you know how to setup a Static IP?


e) Is that modem combo handling the public IP OR is it in bridge mode?


Where by bridge mode, I mean foillowed the info that is at



If you are the original poster (OP) and your issue is solved, please remember to click the "Solution?" button so that others can more easily find it. If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the "Kudos" button.


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Thanks for your willingness to help.  I believe I am not mistaken, I don't observe that problem since Monday. Hopefully, all others participants see a green DSL light at the end of the tunnel as we speak. Smiley Very Happy


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