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DSL in Wireless Mode - ?

DSL in Wireless Mode - ?

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I'm still a bit puzzled about the DSL modem.  Currently I have the model from Verizon which supports both wired and wireless.


It is my understanding that this means that even if the phone line wire itself were unplugged from the modem, the modem could still access the Internet wirelessly, and my computer could either:


1. use a wireless connection to the modem itself for a 100% wireless experience, or


2. still use the ethernet cable connected from the computer to the modem, with the modem accessing the Web via wifi.


Is this correct?  Or is it still essential to have the phone line wire connected even when using the "wireless" capability of the modem?

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The DSL modem must always be connected to the phone line.  It is the "base station" for your internet access.  Think of it like the "base station" for a set of in-home cordless phones ... you have a base station which is always connected to the phone line and cordless handsets that you can then roam around your house talking on the phone.


In this case, "wireless" means your computer does not need to be connected by a wire directly to the modem -- such as a laptop or tablet -- you can roam around your home and be connected to the internet.  Or, you can directly connect a computer / desktop to the modem as well.

Contributor PhillyCard
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Thanks very much for your reply, lasagna.

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