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DSL unavailable.... Are you serious?

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DSL unavailable.... Are you serious?

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I recently moved to a suburb of Baltimore.  I don't live in a neighborhood per se, but have two other houses on our private road.  Both of my neighbors have Verizon DSL.  However, after numerous calls to Verizon I have been advised that I cannot get DSL.  I have been given numerous reasons as to why, but refuse to accept it.  I don't live on a remote mountain top in West Virginia (no offense to anybody that does).  Can somebody give the real skinny as to why I can't get DSL.  I recently received dial-up but I'm canceling the service as soon as I can (I can't right now because the system is down).  I haven't used dial-up since 1996 and forgot how slow it actually is.  Cable is a no-go as well, because I supposedly live too far off of the main road.  At this point, I am very close to canceling all Verizon services and going with a satellite internet provider.  Is it possible that if I cancel my telephone plan that I could receive DSL only?  Please provide some insight because I am at my wits end. 
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Re: DSL unavailable.... Are you serious?

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with dsl you need to be within about 8000 feet from a central office.


if ur neigbors have it, they are probably barely within that radius.

... and by the way, i like turtles
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Re: DSL unavailable.... Are you serious?

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I wouldn't buy it either.  I was in the same boat as you until about eight months ago.  I live in a remote area far away from the central office.  At that time DSL was not an option and neither was cable.  We went with Hughesnet a rather expensive way to go, but it was the only way we could get internet. There are bandwith restrictions on satelite and we lost out connection when it stormed.  It was not quite as fast as DSL or cable.


 I repeatedly contacted Verizon about the possibility of DSL and they insisted that it was not possible because of the old phone lines in my neighborhood.


A resourceful neighbor got a petition together of all the houses in our area.  Several months later Verizon made DSL available in our neighborhood.  While DSL is a distance based service, they are able to set up remote stations that act as a central office.  Simply put, it is probably not cost effective for them to supply your house with DSL because there are not enough houses around you, but it is possible.

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