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DSL wireless streaming

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DSL wireless streaming

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I recently moved and had to switch from FIOS to DSL.  When I signed up I was informed by verizon that even though it is not fios based on our usage we shouldnt have any issues with internet/wi-fi speeds.  This couldnt be farther than the truth.


Apart from constantly having to reset the modem, I have found that i cannot stream netflix,hulu, youtube etc from more than one tv at a time.  This makes it difficult considering I dont have cable and are trying to surving on streaming services. 


Furthermore, we have a smart tv set up in a stand alone garage and cannot get anything to stream, even though we have a stong wi-fi signal on our phones. 


I did the wi-fi test last night and everything was in the range it was advertised to run at.  I dont remember specific numbers but can provide when i get home from work tonight, if that would help the situation. 


any tips or help are much appreciated. 


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Re: DSL wireless streaming

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It sounds like the person who told you there wouldn't be any issue didn't know you had multiple devices.


The lowest tier FiOS speed plan is better than the highest tier DSL plan.  So with multiple devices it seems unavoidable that you would see a degradation in service.   Video streaming on multiple devices at the same time might be possible if you are streaming low def, but not high def.   The comparison on Verizon site doesn't even list HD for DSL.


As far as the TV in the garage, I assume you are using a different router, and it may not have the same range.  You may want to post the model and perhaps someone familiar with it can add some input.


You probably already know this but:  The speed test you run is for the total capacity of your line and each of your devices gets a part of that.


This is much help as to solving your problem, but I don't believe you will get the same level of service with DLS.

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