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Dial-up server doesn't answer

Dial-up server doesn't answer

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Starting about a week ago, when i try to connect to my dial-up service I get a message saying that the remote computer isn't answering.  I have tried several different numbers and I can dial all of them from my telephone.  when I dial them from my phone, I get the same high screeching noise I hear when my modem dials them.  Everything was working fine previously.   when I take my computer to a location that uses ATT phone lines, I can connect through dial-up with no problems.  My ISP has checked all my settings and says they are OK.  I called Verizon and they said they would do a line check.  I got a recorded message the next day saying the check had been done and everything was OK, but I still can't connect to dial-up through any of the phone jacks in my home.  The day before this problem started, I was on-line and had two successive disconnects.  I closed down for that day and the next day is when I started getting the "no answer" error messages.

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Do you get static on your phone line or a humming noise?   Sometimes our computers will run automated test which give the appearance of the line looking just fine when a probles still exist...  You may want to call in another trouble call.
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HI Chriss,


To connect to Verizon Dail-up it requires two things

1>A dail-up account

2>A hub number which falls under LATA of Verizon.


You can use the dail-up on AT&T because the number that you are dialing may be with At&T hub,you can check you acess number on the below website.If you still unable to get a connection you can call 1-8005676789 to dil-up technical support.





“Please be advised that it is your responsibility to confirm that the dial up access number you are using is a local call from your location. Note that although an access number may be in your area code or located in your general geographic region, it may not be a local call for you. You may incur substantial telephone charges if you choose an access number that is not covered by your local calling plan. Verizon is not responsible for toll or long distance charges. If you are not sure if a number is a local number, then I advise you to go to http://www.verizon.com/callingareas or contact our sales department at ___8004834000_(before you use the number to access the Internet.)


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@chriss wrote:

I called Verizon and they said they would do a line check.  I got a recorded message the next day saying the check had been done and everything was OK, .

 You did not need a line check.  You needed the CO tech to call the exact same number using your phone line.


  Unfortunately, what you told the customer service rep is not what he heard; is not what he wrote on the service ticket.  So you must confront the problem.  Have the customer service rep read back - word by word - exacty what he typed into the computer.  Your service ticket should list the exact number - every digit exacty as you enter it - so that the CO tech can deal with your problem (not solve what the customer service rep heard).


  Cannot tell you how many problems got solved in minutes when I talked to the girl in the CO directly.  Most problems such as yours are directly traceable to the game of telephone - you talk into person's ear, who then talks to another ear, who in turn ... the message makes no sense.



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