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Dry loop DSL keeps disconnecting for no reason...where do I mail complaint letter to Verizon?

Dry loop DSL keeps disconnecting for no reason...where do I mail complaint letter to Verizon?

Copper Contributor kenmore
Copper Contributor
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I first received Verizon DSL dry loop Internet a year ago. From the very beginning, Internet connection keeps shutting off (green light turns to red). I am constantly forced to shut my modem off for ten seconds or more to restore connectivity. Sometimes the problem continues endlessly all day, other times I don't have a problem for days. Always however the problem comes back.

Here are forum comments on my efforts to solve the problem last August (unsuccessful):


There is nothing wrong with my modem or with my ping. My telephone jack is fine...in the six years I've lived here I've never had a problem with the phone jack. This problem with Internet connectivity only started when I had my old phone line (AT&T) shut off and replaced (by a Verizon technician) with a new line for my Verizon dry loop Internet.

The customer service personnel overseas (I presume India) are useless. They are rude, too often I cannot understand them, too often I lose connection with them on my cell phone, etc. I will not attempt to solve the problem via these technical support types again.

Can anyone tell me where to write a letter of complaint to Verizon? If I don't get help, I'll refer the matter to my state's attorney general consumer protection division, demand a Verizon refund, and switch to another provider.

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Platinum Contributor II
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There is a "Postal Service" option on the Contact Us page. If you click on it, you should be prompted for your zip code. It will then provide you with an address. I would assume that there are different addresses for different areas, but I can't say for sure.


I'm in Texas, and it gives me:


Residential Phone, Internet and TV:

General Correspondence

PO Box 11328
St Petersburg, FL 33733


Hope this helps!

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Copper Contributor kenmore
Copper Contributor
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎08-10-2009

Just to be fair to Verizon, I should point out that a technician called me very soon after I mailed my complaint letter. The technician was American, easy to understand, and very cooperative. After doing some tests, he concluded that the problem probably concerns my router. He had my router rest, and we going to talk again in a week to make sure everything is okay.


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