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During Day Speed is fine but at night speed drops to .257mbps

During Day Speed is fine but at night speed drops to .257mbps

Copper Contributor warrenhottie
Copper Contributor
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What happens at night compared to the daytime? I have Enhanced DSL and during the day my speed is 3.94 peak and no static on the phone so I keep getting messages on my cell that my telephone/internet issue is resolved! Of course it is during the day but after 5 or so my speed drops to .257 mbps and static on my phone line. I understand I'm at the end of a trunk line that is why during the day my speed never reaches 5mbps. But what happens at night that changes the service? It just started happening last Wednesday and I have an appt. on Friday 8-3 so of course it will show it's fine. SO PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME-WHAT HAPPENS AT NIGHT TO CAUSE THIS ISSUE?Smiley Frustrated

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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IS there any chance someone is Piggy backing on your connection? When the slowdown happens try logging into the router and on the main page - My Network - and look to see if any entries are for computing devices that are not yours. Even if  everything looks ok change the SSID and wireless password.

Does the slowdown affect wired and wireless?

Also the fact that static on the line (I had  this too when I had the 7500) needs to be rectified. Mine was resolved by a VZ tech who ran a direct line from the NID to my Westelll 7500 thus eliminating the need for phone filters.

Hope this helps

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Copper Contributor warrenhottie
Copper Contributor
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Hi, Thanks, Well it was a line problem in their network though they claimed all the line tests were fine. Also, They just replaced the big box in front of the complex and asked the guy if he was there to fix my line problem and he said No "all the lines in youre complex are crappy" It was built in 1974. I am so happy that you got a guy to run a direct line for you-around here they would probably steal the copper line from mine for a hit of crack-I live in an area that they call East Camden with probably at least a murder a year surrounding the small complex I live in with the stuff happening in the ones that run around us. But anyway it took 4 reschedules of the appt due to their workload-obviously I'm not important enough. Then the guys that came on the Saturday said they found the problem and scooted off without coming inside,calling me from their cell phone. Obviously it wasn't so another 4 day appt set up and the one guy actually came inside and said he found a ground in the wire. Obviously they need to replace the wires but the guy was brutally frank ands said unless more people complain it isn't going to happen which is weird since I live in a small area sized compolex with 8 buildings and they just replaced the box which makes no sense since the problems are the wires as the one from the box runs over on the ground which anything can happen like a landscaper hitting it so  I guess you would call it an obvious problem that they don't want to build a trench for the main wire even though all the others are underground! Does that really make sense?Man Frustrated. I was promised by 3 people in 2008 that by the end of the year we'd have FIOS and 5 years later-nada. Comcast looks better everyday especially since there is no communication between parts of this company and for a communications company they do a horrible job with the problems I encountered so many times trying to get this onew problem fixed which I could write a book on!Man Mad

Contributor Lordpope
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Yea Comcast is really the only play in town.  Verizon has pretty much given up Philadelphia to Comcast.  Only people who use Verizon DSL in Philly/South Jerzee are people who owe comcast money and cant get thier service.

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