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i can only seem to find cat5e cables. i found this one, but i'm not too sure:


can you refer me to a site that sells cat5 phone cables?

Device: versalink 7500
Plan: high speed internet
Location: california
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Ok! I had same problem for 2 weeks until they send a technician to my house for second time. First he told me it was the modem not been able to handle the 7.1 mbps speed ok. Verizon sent me a new one still, the same problem. What the technician and central office found out about my problem was that, since they pushing fios too much to the customers they not pay attention to dsl customers. What they did they had my line capped at their end and using it for other people. great! so what they did they had to move my dsl conection to a new one and bingo! problem solved. not just for me but for 52 other customers that were using same line as me. so most of conection and slow speed conections is not pc's or modems or routers, is the main central office where they can fix your problem. By the way I told the technician that he was not leaving my house till he fix the problem hahaha took him 20 mins to figured it out. good luck.

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I believe Home Depot and Lowes sell phone wire, if not an electrical supply store will.  Cat 3 is OK and cheaper, It's all I ever use. You don't have to have ends on it, one end can  connect in the nid and the other into a jack, or you can crimp an end onto it and plug it right into the modem. Make sure you use a twisted pair, usually red and green in older style color code, or blue and white with blue on newer style color code. Try disconnecting everything else in nid and only connecting new wire at first to see how it does.

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yeah, i think im going to have to call again. my download speed shot down today to 10kbps.

i suspect that using the peer2peer software frostwire might be the culprit, and verizon ends up capping my speed.


i very rarely use frostwire, and my router was configured for open ports on my computer only, but not for any of my other 3 computers. and my parents ended up using frostwire last night to download a couple things. i wake up this morning and notice a significant slow down with my speed. it was 3kbps when i tested it, so i unplugged my router and modem again, and left them that way for an hour. then plugged everything back in. still 3kbps.

when i got home from work later on, i decided to forward the ports on my router for each of my computers for use with frostwire to see what that would get me, because i thought that may have been the issue, still got a lousy 3kbps. then i unplugged my router and modem again, left them that way for 2 hours, plugged everything back in. now i have 10kbps. still lousy


i have a comcast/motorola modem laying around. i think i may just go with comcast internet.

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Device: iPhone
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out of curiosity...

is frostwire a TORRENT client ?


if it is a torrent client and you are seedign torrents your download/upload speesd are going to be HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!


Torrent clients are notorious for DESTROYING your bandwidth.


i would reccommend only leaving it open to download things and then closigng it ( and reopening them when you are not on the computer !!! help the torrent community!!1 )


Edit: after a quick google, i found out that YES it is a torrent client.


make sure that when you want to do internet related things you close the client !!1!@

... and by the way, i like turtles
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it's a peer 2 peer client, like limewire

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Device: iPhone
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are you sure ? b/c the first result on google is " p2p bittorrent client " on google when you do " frostwire"


edit: Bittorrent is a TYPE of p2p ... the fastest type of p2p b/c u download somethign from 95 people at the same time.


But it is also the most taxing on your bandwidth because of that..


if you dont believe me, then close it, wait like 2 minutes for the connections to be closed, and then do a speed test.



post your results, and then do a speed test with it open and post those results

... and by the way, i like turtles
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frrostwire is a gnutella client, but it can handle torrents, but i don't use it for torrents, i use bitcomet. the only time i noticed a slow down on my dl speed was when i raised the upload speed on my torrent client to 70% or more. and if i seeded at 80% for a couple hours, i'd still experience slow dl speeds after shutting down the torrent client.


i lowered the bar for frostwire to about 50% upload speed because by default its on 100%. i think that's whats been screwing up my dl speed. my dl speed is only 50kbps right now. i don't shar emy files, and only allow for partial sharing while downloading and with the upload speed cracnked up to 100% at default, i think is what messed up my speed.




how would i go about fixing my speed?

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well, i ended up trying everything i could think of as far as replacing my phone line for the modem, which ended up not working. and i finally went into my basement, and i'm no wiring expert, but i checked some of the cabling in a corner of my basement and found the phone lines that run from the outsie to my home.


i kind of messed around with the phone wiring and checked the tranceiver stats in my modems log and noticed that the downstream path margin would fluctuate. so i decided to unplug two wires on the plug that said "in" and plugged them back in and now i have a dl speed of 830kbps.


there's one set of wires which i think could possibly be the cause for letting in all the noise. i just drew what the phone lines look like here:  [on the "out"s there's a bunch of other wiring that i didn't draw in]


the two wires coming from the "out" to "in" since its just measly wire just twisted. could that be the problem?


but I can take a picture later on for a more accurate look

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Can you please a take a picture of that?


I have reason to believe that you are right.



GMSkel wrote:

i kind of messed around with the phone wiring and checked the tranceiver stats in my modems log and noticed that the downstream path margin would fluctuate. so i decided to unplug two wires on the plug that said "in" and plugged them back in and now i have a dl speed of 830kbps.





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