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Fed Up!!

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Fed Up!!

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In the past 6 or 7 months I have called Verizon with complaints about my high speed internet. Every time I call, I spend about 2 hours on the phone with "technical support" and in the end, the employee will have me run a speed test and then promise to run a test on my phone for a 48 hour period and call back if they notice any problems. Needless to say, they never call back. So I have wasted at least 100 hours on the phone with these people telling me the same story every time. Nauseating. So I finally got to someone who was willing to admit that the number of complaints I have made are very high, and he sent me a new modem/router. This modem/router is EVEN WORSE than the previous one. I called today and was again told to run a speed test. 0.05 Mbps was the speed for both my upload and download, I was told this is normal.Right.. So then I spoke to a technician who informed me that I would be charged $130 to have them come take a look. This disgusts me, and I am currently trying to find another ISP in my area. My problems are mostly with my Playstation 3 game console as far as the connectivity. I feel like I'm being violated and taken advantage of, and I pay my Verizon bill on time. Completely unacceptable and I don't see what I can do except switch ISP companies. This is my last effort to get the service that I pay for. If this doesn't work I will change companies and I will tell everyone I come  in contact with that signing up for Verizon is like submitting yourself to highway robbery.

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Re: Fed Up!!

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AMEN!!   PPP is down yet again this morning - has been out since yesterday evening  - no one to contact to address the issue - Using a Virgin Mobile MiFi to connect this morning.  Ongoing issues for 2 years now, it never just works correctly.

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Re: Fed Up!!

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What speed package are you signed up for? Is that result on Verizon's speedtest or a third party site? Are there any issues with your phone line like static?

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Re: Fed Up!!

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I am signed up for high speed. I don't know if that is a clear answer..Verizon employees have me go to a website called I don't know if it's a verizon or a 3rd party site.

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Re: Fed Up!!

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(1,474 Views) is an outside website. It's a pretty good gauge of outside network performance. Visit that site again for us and then run a speed test to the nearest server to you, or otherwise the Recommended Server. From there, paste up your result which appears at the end of the test by using the Share this Result button and then by pressing Copy:



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Re: Fed Up!!

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Now lets be real...
12:00 A.M.. and I have 310 Ping.

Clearly this is a problem a majority of the community is having, and I just can't figure out why there is no solution for it.


From Noon until 2:00 A.M. My  ping constantly spikes between 250-900 Ping.

From 2:00AM - Noon, I sit pretty with 120-ish...

Why in the hell do I have to go through this DAY AFTER DAY..

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Re: Fed Up!!

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How do you actually get support on the phone?  Does it normally take hours of sitting on hold?  I've been on for about an hour so far and my internet has been completely down since Thursday.


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