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Frequent disconnects/weird modem

Frequent disconnects/weird modem

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If it's taking you to an In-Home Agent installation page, are you being re-directed to a place such as http://activatemydsl.verizon.com/ by chance? That would clue into the Walled Garden being active, which should not be turned on.


Visit and click the DISABLE button if the page shows a status of Enabled. When this is disabled you should not be getting any pages to install In-Home Agent. Even then, the Transceiver Statistics should simply appear.


You can try backing into it like this as well. Visit and log in. Click on System Monitoring, then choose Advanced Monitors, click YES past the prompt, and click Transceiver Statistics.

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I was indeed redirected to http://activatemydsl.verizon.com/ . I clicked disable and was able to proceed.  I never saw anything that said transceiver statistics, but I copied all the settings that I found. As I type, with my wireless router bypassed, I haven't experienced a single disconnection so far and it has been at least 20 minutes. I'm usually lucky if it lasts 5 minutes. The speed is much faster than normal as well. Is there something wrong with my router, or does a setting need to be changed? I should be able to provide information about the setings now, thanks to Smith6612!

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We have not heard back from you on this issue in the private support case. At this point we will be closing the private support case. Please reach out to us if you have any other questions.


Josh B

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My terminology is going to be non technical but here's what we found. For almost the entire time since we received our  new  DSL2750B modem  about a year ago, we've experienced very random and intermittent service despite many phone calls all of which took at least an hour and during which we received all sorts of "solutions". A service tech finally came out last week and found that the "central office" on the pole needed some sort of adjustment or whatever. We weren't home so he didn't come into the house but the service worked great for the next 3 or 4 days before quitting again.


HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE: we apparently can only handle  receiviving1MB of data (because we're more than 15,000 feet from the "co") but were set up to receive 3MB so Verizon's system is constantly trying to upgrade us to a level that we can't handle and we're getting disconnected in the process. A tech (Ernest, super nice, helpful  and honest guy) called his office and the confirmed that the system was trying to upgrade us. Interestingly, one of the phone reps id'd this problem but apparently the "loop wasn't closed" to change it in the system.


Hope this helps; it's been a frustrating experience. The one thing we learned is the only time to reach phone help quickly is at 6am.

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First i never had a westell modem that lasted more than a year. and some less than 30days. I purchased a motorola and was faster and never had a problem with it. You can contact the manufacturer for better service than you can get from verizon. Second you're distance from provider limits you're avarage speed, if you're paying for 7mg service and only getting 3mg the service will give you drop outs.You may need to cut back you're service to an sustainable speed. Verizon will sell you anything but what you get may be verry different if you get anything.Oh and if they send you an action tec..good luck with that.

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I have the same problem.  I have a Westell 6100G.  It goes out constantly.  I also have a Westell 6100, in which it will not connect to the internet for some reason.  The 6100 G was replaced two years ago when I moved in by the tech, who gave me a used 6100G, that was worse than the one I had.  This goes out on a regular basis and usually every half hour I have to restart it.  I unplug every thing and leave it for 5min.  When I start it back up, the lights work, then it is out a short time later.

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