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Goofy Home page image

Contributor LookieLou
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Why does Verizon keep changing the home page image of a customer?


Or is system being hacked?


Photo just changed to an asian kid with his bottom censored out by gray rectangle.


Does Verizon think I am asian?


Suggest you let user pick from selection of user sterotypes.


Or remove them .


Else i will cancel verizon.

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Platinum Contributor II
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Where is it that you are seeing this image?

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You have to tell us where the image is so we can see it and if it's a problem, tell Verizon about it. I've checked some common home pages for Verizon and I do not see rotating images or censored images (probably something that Verizon Legal would not like anyways). Are you sure this isn't something just up on your machine? The only "Goofy" thing I see is a Vampire in a promo image from a goofy movie 🙂


Keep in mind, if you're not using a modern browser that grey box you're seeing might be a transparent image that is not rendering right. Update your browser if you're using anything along the lines of Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 2.0. Those older browsers have very poor transparent PNG and JPG support so it could be possible you're seeing an image that is supposed to be transitional. They are also huge security risks as they are no longer supported and have not been for years.


Here's what I see on Verizon's Home pages and landings. Notice, they are rendering correctly.







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I would make sure that your computer is not infected.

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