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High Speed Internet Enhanced

High Speed Internet Enhanced

Copper Contributor happy29
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-09-2013
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How come Verizon have 3 plans at the same price of 29.99?  What are the real prices.  And will we ever get another free speed upgrade like before?  Thank you.  Smiley Happy

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Registered: ‎08-07-2009
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It all depends on what area you live in that determines the speed they offer

MVP Smith6612 MVP
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Registered: ‎12-15-2010
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You might be seeing what is being mentioned above. In more detail, Verizon's "Enhanced" plan includes any speed from 1.1Mbps to the 15Mbps speed on the download, and anything from 384kbps upload to 1Mbps upload. To go from 1.1Mbps to 15Mbps is absolutely free since it's within the same pacakge.


Really, though, Verizon has two packages. Up to 1Mbps, and 1.1 to 15Mbps. You may be seeing the Enhanced package getting broken up into levels, or you could be seeing bundles.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-16-2012
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The distance from provider determines the speed u actually get. If you pay for 7mg speed and physically only get 3mg then you will get drop outs,. do not use a test for speed that lets you're ip address out to public domain.good luck verizon service has gone to a lot less quality than say bell atlantic was.. U might want to check anyone locally that has att.

Copper Contributor happy29
Copper Contributor
Posts: 12
Registered: ‎04-09-2013
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Thank you.  I wish Verizon could give us cheaper customers a little upgrade for a extra $5.00.  Like a extra 100 Kbps boost.  Which would be great for me.

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