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High speed internet software download

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High speed internet software download

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Recently I renewed my dry loop DSL contract for another year and Verizon offer me to register. I believe it did it first time, even so I have Verizon dry loop for several years. The registration had several steps and some of these steps were to download Verizon High speed software. For some reason the registration stopped at 93% and told me that it cannot complete at this time - try later. I tried for several days and it continued to refuse to complete the registration. I thought to uninstall all Verizon programs and start again. I uninstalled all programs but I don't know how to start the registration again. The previous time the registration screen came up by itself. Along downloaded Verizon programs there were download manager and High speed internet software. I don't have them now and I don't know how this effects my internet connection.

Is there a Verizon screen that would allow me to start this registration again and download the High speed internet software?

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Re: High speed internet software download

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[EDIT] Opps, wrong area..

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Re: High speed internet software download

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