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Higher charges/Unsatisfactory explanation

Higher charges/Unsatisfactory explanation

Contributor agoodphoto
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Verizon is the worst company for customer service. I just recieved my new bill and there is an increase for internet service. I did look at my account and saw a message that told me there was a change from ------- to -------.  Problem is, the service was exactly the same.  So Verizon is chargeing me more money for doing nothing but making it look like there was a change warrenting the additional charge.  Also, I keep losing my internet service, sometimes several times a day. All the green lights are lit on the modum but there is no internet connection. You try and talk to someone at Verizon and all you get is a "run-around". I'm told to just re-set it. O.K. Should a customer have to constanly re-set the thing?

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Platinum Contributor III
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On the first part for the bill - did a promotional price expire, or were you on an old contract/bundle plan? The price of service will go up to the full retail price after the promotional pricing expires. Sometimes you can renew the pricing if you call in before it expires, but if it was promotional it's now too late.


For the service dropping, this is usually a line problem, but we'll want to look into this first. What model modem do you currently use? Any additional routers between the modem and your PC?

Contributor agoodphoto
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I can't answer your question because I don't know the answer to your question.  Verizon gives me no explanations! I do have a promotional discount for another two monts but the charge I was referring to had nothing to do with the discount. The increase was for internet service with no distinction between one service and the "new" one.  VERIZON JUST DECIDED TO CHARGE ME MORE MONEY BECAUSE IT COULD. I sincerely hope  that someday ( and soon ) our government will be able to do something about these giant monopolies and put a stop to their existence.

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Bronze Contributor I
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The government actually created the phone company monopoly, way back in the 19th century.  Legislators became convinced that competition in telephone service would result in wasteful duplication.  The government probably approved Verizon's fee hike as well.  If you can persuade the government of the merits of your cause, then are better at that than I am.

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Some companies raise their rates, it is part of terms and service. Around the time a rate increase, most companies notate the change. Check your bill for a news now section, it MAY be on there. Just a guess. 

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