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Hooking up a Westell E90-610015-06 and a Linksys WRT 160N?

Hooking up a Westell E90-610015-06 and a Linksys WRT 160N?

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Please help me.  I have spent hours trying to get my Linsys WRT 160N wireless router to work with my Westell 6100 modem (E90-610015-06).  I have tried the suggestions from dslreports, so please do not send me a link to this website.  Setting the modem to bridge and setting the wireless router to PPPoE does not work.  Also, changing the IP address on the router does not work.  Does anyone have any other ideas?

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changing the IP Address does work.


You might be doing something differently.


Let me tell you a few things to check


You have to open your NIC properties

make sure its set like this




Then plug your PC into your linksys, or make sure you connect to it wirelessly. 


put in


Change the  Local IP Address on the first page to reflect


Then plug your linksys into the westell.


reboot the linksys, then reboot the pc (or you can do a repair, or an ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew in DOS) and as long as the westell is online, everything else will pass internet traffic through


I hook those up all the time the same way and they work just fine.  


if it doesn't work again this time let us know, and KEEP IN MIND this is how it should ultimately look


Wall -> westell -> linksys plugged into the yellow ethernet port, and plugged into where it says WAN on the linksys


then your PC wirelessly connects to the linksys.

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Also keep in mind that is normally the easiest way to do it, but if you want other ways to do it you can go here.

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While not the same router, this may help

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