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How Long For New Upgrades To Take Effect?

How Long For New Upgrades To Take Effect?

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On 12/19 I upgraded my bundle from the old basic phone and .5mpbs internet to the enhanced bundle with all the phone features and speeds of between 1.1-15mbps. The phone features kicked in after a couple of hours but my internet speeds remained below 1mbps. I upgraded via telesales department and the gentleman said all upgrades would take effect in a few hours.

On 12/21 a new Dlink 2750BVOL router/modem arrived and I was able to install it without incident. My intenet speeds did not change.

On 12/23 I recieved and email stating my new internet package has taken effect , I followed the instructions and troubleshooting tips yet my speed still has not changed.

I am physically less than 1/4 mile from the distribution site and my neighbors with older dry loop plans are getting their usual speeds of just under 3mbps.

At this point I do not know of anything else I can do on my end as I've already spent over 4 hours of being transfered from department to department, gotten a response to my email to contact tech support, who in turn transferred me to billing, who in turn transferred me ........... The chat service has been broken on my Windows XP, IE browser for months

Anyway everyone I have spoken with says it's someone elses problem/fault and transfers me to them.

I am wondering if with the communication problems that seem to be taking place is it I just haven't had the switch flipped for my account yet.

Thank you very much for your help


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I would say you should contact Verizon, and if it is shown on the account as being completed, then there may be something that the tech support can do today since they say it has been completed, it must show on your account. They can run a line test to the router and perhaps make the change. But if there are still some wiring changes that must take place, I would not look for it until after the 25th. But that is just my opinion. Give them a call. 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) I know at this point you must be operating with a high level of frustration, but they should be able to see the status, by running a line test between the C/O and your DSL modem/router.


Test Here


Optimize here.

Have you run the optimizer? Windows XP you used to have to optimize your connection manually. Not sure if this will help.


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If you've kept track, has your upload speeds increased at all from 128kbps or 384kbps to the 768kbps+ range at all? Upload is usually a good basis to check when going from a lower package to a higher package. From my own experience in this area, Telephone changes can be made in short order but for some reason DSL likes to take a week for any sort of speed increase to happen, even though they can do it on the fly with little issue.

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