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How do I get High Speed Wireless internet to work with Linux?

How do I get High Speed Wireless internet to work with Linux?

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I have Linux on my computer and I have the Wine Software on my computer to download what need to be installed. As I was trying to download the installment for activation it loaded to the installing part and then it told me there was an error and it couldn't finish installing. If you can help...IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL AND VERY APPRECIATED!! Smiley Happy

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What service are you trying to set up within Linux? Are you trying to use DSL or are you trying to connect a 3G or 4G modem from Verizon Wireless? The DSL service doesn't need an activation manager to work. You can set everything up manually, however as a downside you will need to go through some extra steps to create a MyVerizon account that ties to your main account.


Also, I'm not even sure if any Verizon software will run in WINE without throwing a fit, though there's a slim chance you could get their MacOS version of the utility to run within Linux natively. If you tell me where you're running said software from, I can give it a shot inside of a Virtual Machine to see what it does.


None the less, if your service isn't working and you'd like to try and perform a manual setup, tell us what modem and router you are using and we can see what can be done here. For the most part all that is needed is a Web Browser (No Telnet/SSH into the modems Smiley Sad )

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I believe it's the 4G modem.

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Can you give a model number off of the bottom of the modem? I believe Verizon sells two different 4G Modems at the moment, and they also have older 3G units as well.

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I'm sorry I was told wrong. Smiley Sad It's the DSL Wireless. 

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That's fine. Nothing special is needed, so if you are already connected to the modem Wirelessly using your Linux distribution's WLAN Utility, that's all that is needed in terms of what needs to be set up on the PC. Otherwise, I believe the Westell may need to be set up using Ethernet via the Activcation Wizard, but without knowing the error I can't say what it was complaining about. So now, if opening your Web Browser takes you to (or a similar URL) and you are not able to reach any other website, do the following.


1: Connect your PC to the router using Ethernet. Open your Web Browser and visit . The Default Username and Password is admin/password respectively. If you are asked to change the Password, do so now. Once opens and you're at the main screen, proceed.


2: Go to or . You will be prompted for a Username and Password if you have not already authenticated with the router. Log in with the following credentials if you did not need to change the Password for the modem as outlined above:







Once logged in, you'll see a page that says RESTRICTED on it, along with a button that should say Disable on it. Click the button to Disable the Walled Garden you're seeing when you open your web browser.


3: From here, visit again and verify that the modem shows it is connected. From this point, if all went well, you can configure your wireles settings and anything else you wish to set up such as Quality of Service. I strongly suggest using WPA2 on the Wireless, though if that is unavailable use WPA as it is more secure than WEP. Your Internet connectivity should also be working.


Now as for MyVerizon Access and Webmail access, we may need to get that created manually if the software didn't get to create an account. I don't know if simply registering for a MyVerizon account will give you the ability to set up e-mail (once it sees you have an Internet account tied to you), as it's been ages since I even went through the activation setup with the DSL service.

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Okay, Thanks so much! Smiley Happy Hopefully it will work! 

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Should work if you're connecting for the first time (new DSL hookup). Most areas use OpenPPPoE which pretty much allows you to connect with any user/pass combo set up in the modem's DSL Connection settings. Other areas, mainly out West (sold to Frontier mostly) use DHCP which does not need a User/Pass, but binds the IP address to the modem's MAC address.

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It worked! Thank You SO MUCH! YOU ARE AWESOME! Smiley Very Happy 

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You're welcome! Thanks for marking the thread as solved Smiley Happy

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