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How do I open the ports on my Modem?

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Device: VersaLink 7500

How do I open the ports on my Modem?

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I recently bought an Apple TV, However, I am unable to use it because the connection with my modem keeps getting dropped. I've been told that I need to open the ports on my modem to allow the Apple TV to communicate with my PC. Anyone able to tell how I go about doing this...

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Re: How do I open the ports on my Modem?

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#1 What software firewall is on your computer?


#2 Check the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Servers are on your computer.


This means if on Windows XP, for example:


a) Go to Start -> Run.


b) Type in cmd and press enter.


c) In the new window, called the command prompt, type in ipconfig /all and press enter.


#3 With your web browser try to go the default gateway and log-in.


#4 You should be in the VersaLink 7500 at this stage.


b) If you are not, please say so.


#5 Moving along, assuming that you are in the VersaLink 7500.


In the modem combo go to Advanced -> IP Address Distribution.


#6 What is the DHCP range of the modem combo?


#7 In the modem combo go to Advanced -> UPnP.


#8 As long as you do not have at least two game consoles behind this modem combo, turn that feature off.



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