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How to Return DSL Modem

How to Return DSL Modem

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When I cancelled my service for DSL, I was told that I needed to return the "free" modem I received within 30 days, or else I would get charged $99. I was supposed to get a return shipping label, which, after 2 weeks of waiting, I still did not receive. I called customer support, and was put on hold for quite sometime, only to find out that the systems were down and could not create for me a return shipping label. Then I was told to find a UPS store that can return the equipment back to Verizon.


Is there a way for me to print this shipping label online? Or will going to any UPS store create me a shipping label where I will not have to pay with my own money to return the modem back?


I am not sure whether any UPS store can do this without me having to pay, or should I still wait for the return shippping label. I do not want to be charged $99 for this. 


Thanks for the info.

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I have my doubts that Verizon wants the  DSL equipment back. When I upgraded to FiOS, and when I dropped DSL service at another location, Verizon made no request to return either unit (both 327W's).  I suspect the cost of handling the return, testing, etc is surprisingly close to the Verizon's actual cost for a new unit.


In any case, you are supposed to be able to walk into any UPS store (Verizon has a contract with UPS to do this), and UPS will take the unit, box it, and return it to Verizon,  Just make sure you get a receipt. However when I attempted to do so, the UPS store refused. I told Verizon if they wanted the equipment back (a Set Top Box), it was up to them to pick it up, as I had complied with their requirement by taking it to a UPS store. I provided the details (store number, date and time of the refusal). Ultimately they sent a truck to pick it up (and no I didn't get billed for it).


If you get a bill for the $99, my advice is to write to Verizon at the correspondence address on the bill, and dispute the charge persuant to Federal Law, as well as point out that Verizon has failed to provide the return label, and that you will be happy to return the equipment, once Verizon provides the return label or if Verizon wants to pick up the equipment, you will be happy to hand it over. The point it is by writing (not calling), you make Verizon legally responsible for arranging the return.


As I said, I doubt Verizon really cares about DSL modem's at this point, so I will be very surprised if you see a bill.

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mattheww -- Thanks for the reply.


I did not want to get billed in any way for the equipment, even though it was stated that it was "free" -- just as so the customer service representative pointed this out -- I decided to go to the UPS store and find out myself.


Actually, before I did that, I wanted to check first and called Verizon, and the representative told me to wait a few moments, and again, another failure to retrieve any useful information to give the modem back.


This representative forwarded me to the department that handles HSI & Technical assistance, I repeated over and over again what my information was, then was told that I needed to talk to a sales representative because my service was already cancelled. 


I had to go through the whole waiting again, until, finally, I gave up and just packed all the equipment (modem, wires, jacks, filters) and went straight to the UPS store. I had to give my information, which I was relieved I didn't have to print out anything or get my Verizon account number or details. I got my printed receipt, and hopefully, VZ won't bill me for this trouble.


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I sent my modem back to verizon in December and just now got it back again. So I called Verizon, supposed to send me another prepaid shipping label.  I dont want to be charged for this modem, when I tried returning it to you. Please make a note somewhere in your records. Spoke to Cory today from customer service, he was very helpful. Thank you!

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Hello kitt113,

While a Verizon employee may occasionally post here, this community is meant mainly for peer-to-peer support. If you need to talk to a Verizon representative, you should contact customer service directly.



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