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How to reach my local engineering office?

How to reach my local engineering office?

Contributor johnsopa
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We just moved to a house in a relatively rural area.  No cable (well, Comcast quoted $15k for new service to be run to our house!).  Neighbors on all sides have DSL but Verizon new order rep is saying we are "too far" from the DSLAM to get service.  Unlikely since people on both sides of our pedestal have DSL.


I spoke with a tech recently and he said to contact our local engineering office to have them look into this as it's probably a database issue since the previous owner was here for 25 years and never requested anything other than his voice service.


So, how do I contact the local engineering office?


I already have a Verizon BFRR started but that's pointless since DSL is already servicing our area.





Contributor johnsopa
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Registered: ‎03-09-2012
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I should note that we are about 6,500' - 7,800' from the DSLAM depending on which house we are talking about -- this is measured wire feet, not "as the crow flies" -- so distance is not the issue.

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Short of finding out the local number for your Central Office or stopping down at the CO (if they allow walk-in and it's not a co-lo like mine is), you're best to have the phone reps contact engineering on your behalf as they do have the contact information. The Employees on this site also have that contact info so maybe one of them will reach out as well.

Contributor memeynig
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Customer service told me last week they would check with engineering about DSL upgrade  (showing not available in their database but technician tested my line and says I am only 11000 ft away and should get 7MB)  The tech today talked to engineering and they have no record of my issue even though a supervisor said they would make the inquiry for me. I've spent over 4 hrs getting the run around, the tech has been very helpful but only so much he can do. How do I make a formal request for engineering review?

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At 11,000ft, you're looking at getting 5Mbps as a maximum, with ADSL2. Otherwise, 3Mbps if you're on ADSL. Engineering doesn't have a direct contact that Verizon will hand out, but you can consider asking the rep for the business office information if they cannot get ahold of someone in engineering.

Contributor glikmanJJ
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Hello, Were you finally able to reach the local engineering office. We have recently moved into the new construction house and have been struggling with the same issue for 2 weeks. How did it work out for you?
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