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IP address in another state?

IP address in another state?

Device: westell 6100
Location: Ohio
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Is it normal to have an IP address in another state? I live in Ohio, but for some reason my IP address shows that I live in Illinois. I understand that the IP address does not show exactly where you are located, but two states away? I thought that this might be a fluke, but my IP address changed last week and this one shows me living in IL as well, just a slightly different location in IL. Thanks for the help.

Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
Location: NJFSC
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It's not uncommon for an IP address to show out-of-state.  Sometimes, when a block of IPs is aquired by an ISP, the IPs will show as being from the area as the previous block owner.  This should be rectified in time as tables in the network get updated.  You shouldn't run into any issues here since it's still in the United States (i.e. you will get US native homepages from Google and the like).

If you have any other problems let us know.



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Device: westell 6100
Location: Ohio
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Thanks Christian,


It just had me boggled because I would do the the IP lookup and it would show my location as somewhere in Illinois. The speed tests would also tell me that the closest server was Chicago I am certain that there are closer servers. I am curious as to how much it affected the results of the speed tests. I know that since my IP address has changed to an Ohio address again, my latency (ping) is much shorter (65ms compared to 113ms.) I do not know if the down/up speeds were affected or not. In my mind though, if I had to "tunnel" to Illinois before I hit the internet, my speeds must surely be affected. I may have a completely false impression of how the internet works though. Thanks again for your time!



Device: Actiontec router
Plan: DSL 3.0 mbps
Location: Texas
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I live in Texas, but an IP trace says I'm in Wichita, Kansas. The web activity log is showing sites I am not visiting, including a bunch of tech, developer, IT, and hacking sites. Also, has periodically shown up in Japanese and Turkish, and has shown up in Japanese. What's going on?

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