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Insanely slow!!!

Contributor pidelia
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Registered: ‎09-20-2011
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I've the High Speed connection, the basic plan (29.99 per month).

Now, I know I cannot expect a fiber speed. But this is ridicoulus. I can open one tab per time, if I open two then everything slow down, it's like a turtle. Google maps it's a luxory, it seems to play a hi-def 3D game with a 14.4k modem.


I don't have set up issues, I know how to keep my computer running fine I'm in this business since 15 years now. The only truth is that this connection is **bleep** slow, no questions.


Last but not least: trying to signing in the forum with my residential account. Of course it didn't worked. It seems they did put a lot of effort into the portal with useless tools, like news and weather widgets. As nowaday we need this extra stuff since we already have digg, twitter, blogs and so on. I would spend more on giving a better service to the customers as this would really pay back. I know this sounds silly as it seems you guys spend time thinking much more how to tease people rather then giving them the service they pay for.


Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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I'm curious, what speed are you paying for (were told you were supposed to get), and what are you currently receiving? In addition, if you don't mind telling, are these tabs you're opening simply websites and you're trying to load each of them up at the same time?


Just need to clarify, since older versions of IE for example, used to turtle by eating at CPU Time if multiple tabs were opened and nothing was loading. Now if you're using something like Firefox or Opera, that's another story.

Contributor pidelia
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Registered: ‎09-20-2011
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I'm using FF and Opera, sometimes Chrome.

The problem doesn't happen when I start the browser. In case the previous session had several tabs left open and in case I reopen all of them, of course it'll take time. Even though that's not completely true. Opera restores the previous session in a different way, caching the tabs in a way that it looks no time needed to reload the pages left open. FF 6 gots improved about this, in fact now is faster (again, caching last pages left open).

The actual problem is totally different. The thing is even if I'm not loading any page, i.e. no activity in any tabs (and by this I mean no ad loading, no flash loading, nothing) and I want to see a stupid map on Google, dada! that only page takes forever. There's no scientific reason as sometimes it works, but most of the times it simply doesn't. Wheter is gmaps or not, as soon as I want to load 2 pages in two different tabs it gets crazy slow.

Copper Contributor jjhwbb
Copper Contributor
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EXACT same problem here. I can actually walk away from the PC and it is STILL loading.  Tech support NO HELP and of course outages are not posted on line either. 

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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People, he has helped me out a lot in the past!. Are you both using windows 7 with decently speced PC's. My speeds are 925/4l45 K and I am  pleased with the speed. In the past when I  had  similar issue  I looked at my speeds through and found  they could drop as low as 90/445 K. This  was resolved when a new phone line  was run to my home, a direct line was strung from the NID to my modem jack, (thus eliminating all filters) and a change was made at the  CO to lower the download speed slightly from 1184/445 K .Now  when I look at transsceiver stats I see

Line Mode ADSL_2plus
Data PathFAST

When I had issues it was line mode Re-ADSL. once in a great while this reverts to re-ADSL, and What I do is power everything  down, unplug the line from the  jack  to the modem, reconnect it and then I am fine. BTW I use IE9 with windows 7 on a high end gaming laptop (I7, 8 gig ram  ,  1 gig  vRAM). I do notice much slow page loading (2-5 seconds) on  my  Dell D610 - Vista- integrated graphics - 2 GIG ram. Once  thing  that helped there was to set Flash player to local storage none- thus stopping some of the  annoying flash ads from playing on various  sites.

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