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Intermittent DSL outages

Intermittent DSL outages

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Gosh   if I did not know better  I would have thought    your thread  was   my   DSL.  We  have  been  thru all  of this.     Started with  DSL   moved to  enhanced   had problems and were told    we  had a service they could not supply  and   put  me back  to   their  slowest DSL   after a year   of  that and  nearly daily  full disconnects  and   some many    calls  and emails to   teck  support   I    filed a  FCC  compalint.  then    verizon    contacted   me    og   I really needed to switch to  their enhanced service (  What the?  I was told   my line would not support  it)   weeks of arguing   I agreed   to   the switch...   they also  said  they needed to  turn   it off for a day  to  move  my   connection  to  a different port.   Oh   for a few weeks   I was getting  3mb  speeds   then slowely    it started  to  disconnect  and restart  and now  the speed   is barely about  1mb  and multiple  disconnects daily.    o point  is  calling as  I am not going thru  their inane   checks  based on   my equipment    it isn't my equipment.    Fios....   oh that is something   that  has already been  determined will  never be offered to  rural  Maryland.    Verizon  has blocked  all other   DSl providers access to  the copper  so  in essence   they maintain a monopoly  where we live. 

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Well, It's been a few weeks, and I must say that I haven't seen DSL drop.


Happy?  Far from it....  Despite being promised increased up- and down-load speed and paying for 3MPS service, the actual connect speed is one-tenth that.  That's right...less than  0.29MPS.  Curiously my upload speed is .32MPS.  What's up with that?


Now if FIOS were an option, I'd think that this "planned obsolessence"  was some kind of conspiracy to get folks to swap over, but in my town, FIOS simply isn't an option.  Interesting story there....  It seems that the other major player, Cox cable, gave gifts of Cox stock and options to city council members.   Since the stock would be worth more without competition, council voted to require all new infrastructure to be placed underground - which is all well and good - but Verizon can't even use it's own telephone poles to string the FIOS lines.  So no FIOS.  I'm on Verizon's side here.  Monopolies are rarely a good idea.


But it's still string-and-tincan speed....

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