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Internet Speed Has slowed down

Internet Speed Has slowed down

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I used to get speeds near 100kb/s and now i get speeds of around 45 kb/s.

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You are making us shoot into the dark. It would help to know at least:


#1 The brand and model of your modem.


#2 The brand and model of your router.

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The brand of my modem is Westell and the model is 6100.

The brand of my router is D-Link and the model is WBR-1310.

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Platinum Contributor I
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What happens when you visit ? Do you receive a Westell page or do you receive a D-Link login page?

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I get my westell modem.

My internet speed is almost the same when I directly plug my computer to the modem.

Transcever stats

Transceiver Revision:   Vendor ID Code:        4   Line Mode:               G.DMT Mode   Data Path:               Interleaved   Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 512 160 Margin (dB) 22.0 27.0 Line Attenuation (dB) 56.5 31.5 Transmit Power (dBm) 13.9 10.8

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Platinum Contributor I
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Which is understandable. For whatever reason, your modem is showing that your line was "optimized" to a lower speed for whatever reason. There was probably a noise spike on the line for an extended duration that led to this happening, but you should be good to go for your old speed at 1184kbps/448kbps. Give it a few days to see if the speed returns. If it does not, we might need to find someone in Verizon who can override the new provisioning system to get your speed back. A speed like that is much too slow for anything, even many games these days. A few of the games I play eat up enough bandwidth to easily oversaturate your DSL line. That isn't good for anything but causing extremely high latency.

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It's been like that for almost a month. I should probably call customer service, huh?

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Platinum Contributor I
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I would say it's worth the shot. Have them reset the provisioning on your line to the 1Mbps/384kbps rates. They can do it from their end, even if it means calling someone.

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