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Internet Upgrade and keep being LIED to.

Internet Upgrade and keep being LIED to.

Copper Contributor Doomdream
Copper Contributor
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Hi since the time when verizon came to my area we got the net and went from the 1mbps to the 3mbps. Then as time has gone on for the past 3 years we have been waiting on a upgrade for the net speeds. Each time I have called into the customer support they always say either wait 72 days or its wait 3-6 months. Then the best part is they say we guarantee that you will have a upgrade in your area by that time. One of the largest issues in the area I live in is that so many people are now on the main hub that speeds as well travel time aka ping or ms has increased. Which in turns causes issues with things loading as well some times causing huge lag in games. At what point will we be able to upgrade our net and stop being lied to every single time we ask about getting a upgrade. If someone from verizon would be able to get back with me on this that would be great because its not like I am asking to steal something I am willing to pay more money for a faster speed. I mean this is money that verizon is giving up.

Gold Contributor VII
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Verizon has not been upgrading. They stated so years ago, so it’s possible you never will see an upgrade. You can check online http://www.verizon.com/Fios 

you enter your zip code and or address and it will tell you if faster internet is available.


now dsl is over copper lines and Verizon has said it wants to push customers off of it because of the cost of maintaining it. However in New York State they are mandated by the public service commission to repair it, but not in internet situations. Voice only I believe.


this is a customer helping customer forum so if Verizon answers it is iffy. 


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Unfortunately there is no upgrade for DSL. 3 mpbs is about as good as you can get. There is 7 mbps but you have to be very close to the Verizon central office. Your best bet is hopefully they will run fiber in you area. 

If not you might have to look at your local cable company for a higher internet speed. 

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
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You're probably on an old DSLAM if you're only getting 3Mbps, and pings are going up and speeds are going down. A lot of DSL equipment in use by Verizon was installed in the late 90s to early 2000s. Newer areas with ADSL2+ (where you'd be capable of higher speeds normally) can get up to 15Mbps and have equipment made in the mid to late 2000s.


If you're in Pennsylvania and are in a very rural area, a lot of the equipment there is new but is fed by inadequite backhaul to the Internet.


The investments in upgrades today are focused on 5G. Hope for that, and the promises that the 5G service will stay unlimited and unthrottled as Verizon promised it would be.

Copper Contributor Doomdream
Copper Contributor
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For the last few months we have been recieving very high amount of ping when doing a speedtest and well have ran pings to websites. So I decided to contact verizon about this issue and I was told it doesn't matter what the ping is telling you because as long as your getting the speed your paying for your fine. However when gaming and the ping is over 250ms on a speed time it will make everything you do slow down. This went on for a few months as I called several times a month to get this issue fix then they sent a tech out to fix the issue. He told me that everything looked fine and didn't know why he was here so I called them a bit later and in total I have had 4 techs come to my house. All of them but the last tech said everything looked fine. However the last tech told me that since it is very high ping I would need to contact verizon and they would need to fix it on their end. 


So last month when I called in they pushed my ticket to the engineer department and I got a phone call from someone. He told me that while looking at the net their was a huge issue but this issue wasn't due my home. He went into explain that the hub/box was over filled and he would need to push a email to the engineer in my area to see if they wanted to fix and do something about this issue. Then went on to tell me that because how many people are on the hub/box it is overfilled which in turn will be the main issue why you are having so many issues. Around 7pm every night a speed test will be over 250ms and until almost 1 am it will keep going up. The highest I have seen the speed test ping was 500ms. I was told there was only 2 things I can do at this moment in time either wait for a upgrade that might never come, or they will send someone to add to the hub/box to fix the issue. 


One of the biggest issues that came out of this was after the phone call the ms started to get worse at ealier times I will put a speed test in to show this issue. I only wish to have this issue fixed we have had to stop playing games as well in some cases watching videos because all they do is buff.

Speedtest 2/2/2019 ping 257ms 2.15 download 0.70 upload for some reason it wounldn't let me put the image in.

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Hi Doomdream,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.

Copper Contributor Doomdream
Copper Contributor
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For around a year the dsl in my area has been suffering because of the huge amount of conjestion that is going on. I have tried to call Verizon around 1000 plus times to see how I can fix the issue on my end. Still the issue is never fixed, so far their has been 6 techs sent to my home to see if they can fix the problem from this end. However they leave without fixing anything other than telling me that there is nothing they can do. After talking to a supervisor from verizon he told me that they can't fix the problem in this area because its more of a upgrade the hub issue then a tech issue. Now while talking to the techs so many times I keep being told your area should reicive a upgrade in 3-6 months then it was 72 days and after that it was 2 months. At this point I am so tired of being lied to as well paying for a service I can barely even use because of the issues that are going on. To be honest the only thing I would like is to be able to upgrade my internet. Thanks for reading.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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The problem is verizon is retiring copper which DSL runs on. They may have fiber optics in your area but you will have to check http://www.verizon.com/fios 

imput your address or zip code and see what is available.


barring you not having any options you can look into cable internet or even satellite internet services which are faster than DSL


just a couple of suggestions.

Contributor Dwt66
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Thank you I hear the same crap forever with Verizon.If your not in a big City you will never see FIOS or any better.Get Dial-UP its just as fast.  Great Question

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