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Internet and phone problems

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Internet and phone problems

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So i recently got the bundle package. and for days my internet couldn't hold its connection. It would disconnect and id have to restart it. Then repeat in about 2 minutes. Anyways we recently found out that my virus protection software was causing the problem. Or atleast we thought we did. After a few minuets from that solution it disconnected again. This time neither my phone or internet could connect. I was getting No Line and a blinking DSL light. So i call verizon. They said it could be a problem with the phone jack. So i said okay, what are my options. Well i can't get anyone else to do it seeing as i know no one that can help. So they offer me $91 dollars for 30 minutes of service and 46 for every 30 minutes. That's an outrage... The reason i got the bundle was because my old internet service was over charging me and i can't really pay 91 dollars at the moment. Any other choices i have? Because ive got forms to fill and i haven't been able to do that ever since i got verizon. Then i'll have to pay $55 for a service that i barely used.

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Re: Internet and phone problems

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Hi kccm50, I am a little confused? So we are not sending a tech out to check your phone jack? We are just going to give you a different pricing plan? If you can clarify I would appreciate it, and here is  a link that you can fill out as well so that I can gain access to your account. Thanks! Constance

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