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Internet doesn't work when phone is connected.

Internet doesn't work when phone is connected.

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I have a filter but was told to not use it when I received the westell G90-610015. I tried it anyway and it doesn't help.


When the phone is connected, the internet is off and on or just extremely slow. When I disconnect it, its completely fine. The filter doesn't change anything. How do I fix the DSL? It seems like the DSL is taking up more of the phone.

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Sounds like there may be a short someplace, or in a rare case a device called a Half Ringer could be breaking service in a way that they normally don't break service when they go bad.


Do you have any other jacks in your home you could try moving both the DSL modem and the telephone to? You may also wish to investigate each jack and splitter device for corrosion, lose connections, and wear and tear. Also, check to make sure the problem isn't with the particular telephone as well.


Unless the DSL modem has it's own line and the home is filtered at the NID, you will need a filter in front of each telephone between it and the wall jack. The modem should never run through a filter anywhere.

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The phone and the modem is on a splitter when the old filter I had was connected there. I will look into buying a new splitter and seeing if that is the issue. I have only one jack installed.

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Sounds good. Let us know what you're able to find out or if you need any help with identifying the cause of this issue.

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