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Internet keeps cutting out on my Westell Model 6100

Internet keeps cutting out on my Westell Model 6100

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Since Verizon doesn't even list this device anymore, what can I do.  The last 2 weeks the internet (geen light) cuts out and I lose my connection.  When this began I would recheck all the plugs each time.  Eventually Internet light is green and I have a connection.  The DSL light stays green, doesn't go out.  It's gotten so I tap it on the table, jiggle the connections in back of the modem/router/gateway (what ever it's called) and the Internet green light comes on, but then goes out again later.  I called Verizon early last week and thought they were going to send me a new one, but it  doesn't appear there is a word order.  Does Verizon send out replacements?  What can I do.  I really don't need to upgrade, it's not in my budget, I'm retired.  Any words of wisdom for me?

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Yes you should get a newer modem (I believe the Westell 7500) shipped to you at no cost. It will come with instructions and is very easy to setup. In the mean time try a differnet cable but from your description you do need a new modem (that comes with new cables).

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