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Internet speed

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We performed the Verizon internet down load speed test which indicated it was 1 MBPS !?

Our TV also indicates an    internet download speed at 1 MBPS!


It has been verified that 1MBPS is not Hightspeed for which i am paying for. 


Plus adjust it 

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What is the speed you are paying for? Is your internet FiOS or DSL? This is a peer to peer forum. You will need to call 1800Verizon if you have any internet issues. 

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I would call 1-800-VERIZON and have them provision you for your correct speeds.

i am not aware that DSL was able to play TV. I don’t think it would be fast or stable enough to do so.


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Actually, years ago when Verizon and other providers offered ESPN360 for free to all customers, you could stream ESPN (at 480p) on a 768kbps DSL Connection, and it didn't look bad at all for the time. There were even modes which would let you stream up to 6 feeds at once if you had a connection that could hit 2Mbps.  At 7Mbps you can play 1080p and some 1440p content (compression dependent of course).


OP should confirm whether they pay for "High Speed Internet" or "High Speed Internet Enhanced." "High Speed Internet" runs up to 1Mbps. "High Speed Internet Enhanced" can be anything from 1.1Mbps up to 15Mbps. None of those tiers are considered "Broadband" which is 25Mbps/3Mbps per the FCC, but it is still "High Speed" in the sense that it is low latency and provides more bandwidth than other legacy copper bandwidth services.

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