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Is there Any way to pay for faster Upload for DSL?

Is there Any way to pay for faster Upload for DSL?

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Keep in mind that I'm ignorant to the way these things work so if it's not possible for a technical reason then I wouldn't know. So yeah, the question, is it possible? 768kbps up is just too slow for me when I upload a lot of gaming HD videos on youtube. For 1080p at 8,100 kbps (cut down from 13,500 bitrate which yube doesn't even process it would seem) I get a file size of 900MB. I tracked the upload speed several times and I get up 300MB in 1 hour. Some can't even do that so I'm really not complaining I just want to go faster. Anyway, so a 900MB file takes 3 hours. If you're uploading a playthrough it takes a couple weeks. Sure cutting the bitrate to 5,000 and dimensions to 1280 x 720 will save 1 hour but  it's still a long time. Okay I'm rambling here.

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Whether you can get more speed than you have today depends upon two things.

1). Does Verizon have the Central Office Capacity upstream.

2). How good (or bad) is the copper pair that connects you to the Central Office.


Item 1 there really isn't anyway to know about.


Item 2 you can establish by looking at your Tranceiver Statistics. You can get them by connecting to your Modem/Router ( ) and loging in as the administrator. If you post those stats, there are people here who can tell you exactly what your copper pair should be capable of.  The quality of the pair is a fuction of both the age of the cabling, and the wireline distance between you and the Central Office.


If your line can support a higher data rate, and Verizon has the backhaul capacity in the Central Office, Verizon will be very happy to sell you faster service.


If the pair is good enough, you might be able to actually get 7+ mbps on the downlink, but that generally requires a pretty short copper pair (under a mile), and cabling that isn't a lot older than you are.


The ultimate solution to this problem is to hope that FiOS is coming to you neighborhood soon. FiOS speeds leave DSL in the dust.

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I click on that link but I don't know what username and password they are looking for. The one for this site doesn't work so I'm at a roadbllock.

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Lujah wrote:

I click on that link but I don't know what username and password they are looking for. The one for this site doesn't work so I'm at a roadbllock.


Should you be asked for a login, try the following:






Your Verizon Username and Password

 Admin/serial number.


By serial number, I do not mean type in the words serial number. I mean find and enter in the serial number that is found on the bottom of the router.

If you are the original poster (OP) and your issue is solved, please remember to click the "Solution?" button so that others can more easily find it. If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the "Kudos" button.


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Okay I was able to log-in now. I found the link for my Transciever Statistics. My current connection is 4-7 mbps.


Transceiver Statistics


Transciever Revision:

Vendor ID Code: 4

Line Mode: ADSL2+Mode

Data Path: Interleaved


Transciever Information | Downstream Path | Upstream Path


DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)          7658                  863

Margin (dB)                          12.5                  13.0

Line Attenuation (dB)            40.5                   20.5

Transmit Power (dBm)          19.4                   12.0

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It looks like you're already at the max stable speed set Verizon will provision your line for. They could probably add FastPath which will improve your in-game latency (should cut it by 20ms), but that might be treading some rough waters from that point. So honestly, unless you can get FiOS you would have to look into getting a Cable package with higher upload or stick with what you have, throtting back the upload speed far enough to allow for gaming and internet usage. Oh, and YouTube does process videos at 20,000kbps. I upload videos of that size all the time, perhaps with even higher bitrates and I do it on 384kbps upload. Sure, a day and a half+ per video, but they finish eventually Smiley Sad

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A day and a half would drive me crazy. Even with resumable uploads i'd be worried the vid would fail uploading half way through. Or my modem messing up. Also, you're right. I got the suggested upload bitrate but they do go much higher.


But even if I got faster upload I think I'd still stay on the path I am on now which is making a conscience effort to make smaller size files. I really just upload mostly for myself and boredom but I know other people might watch them and reading these forums for the last couple of days it seems like a lot of people have slow connections so making smaller vids might be helpful to some potential viewers. Anyway I just want to get up vids faster. They still haven't made Fios available in my area otherwise I would've been all over that 25/25 plan. Is it possible to maybe have to seperate services? Keep my dsl and get cable (if they have at leat 2mbps up)? That seems pointless thinking about it. I don't know I guess I could just simply make worst quality vids with lower file sizes and work with what I got until something better comes along. Thanks for the answers everyone.


Note: My original post was supposed to be more along the lines of; is it possible for them to sell upgrades to download and upload speed separately?

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Believe me, the day and a half uploads do drive me nuts at times. I'm usually uploading at a time where I want to play games AND someone else in the house wants to do video chatting. The video chats eat up most of my upload already, so we easily have issues with upload saturation, lag, and uploads that take longer (over the day and a half mark) than they should. The last major vacation I took, I brought back enough videos and photos to make me have uploads running for over two weeks to YouTube. A few of the videos timed out which was a problem with the plain HTML uploader, but that was a terrible two weeks for gaming.


You can always get both a DSL and a Cable connection in your house. How you wish to set it up is up to you. You can use a Dual WAN router to run a load balancing setup, prioritizing certain types of traffic to a specific connection or simply loading down one line while pushing Internet traffic through another. If you're going to use the Cable connection exclusively for uploading, I guess it wouldn't hurt to designate a PC to be connected to that Cable connection and simply load your video files onto that PC for upload. Like I said, it's up to how you wish to do it.

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A couple days ago I upgraded to the 7.1 - 15 mbps plan. It gives you 1mbps upload of which I get around .90. Which gets up about 35-100 more MB in a hour which is a big difference. I just ordered TWC 30 mbps Down 5 Up wideband a couple days ago. Installs on the 22nd. I think I got a promotion to get it for $30 (down from $50) monthly for 1 year. Either way right now I'll keep both and use dsl for my other pc or for downloading things on the consoles. After a month I'll choose which I want to keep.

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Platinum Contributor II
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Sounds good. Glad to see you're getting the upper end of the upload too for the package on the DSL. Wideband should serve nicely for the upload, though be aware Time Warner is having some issues with the higher upload speeds on their Motorola DOCSIS 3 modems. Running the upload at 5Mbps for a duration causes the modems to reboot. Their Ubee modems aren't giving those issues, but figured I'd point it out for you.

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